The "Networking" is Doing Well

I’m working on some other interesting stats and here is what I see from the log of the community1 seeder vault:

GetFailure/GetSuccess = 1494/78733 = 1.9%

PostFailure/PostSuccess = 124/16231 = 0.76%

PutFailure/PutSuccess = 418/18714 = 2.2%

Unless I’m greatly mistaken, those are very good numbers, considering that the inside of a SAFE network seems a bit like the inside of a running washing-machine.

I’m totally guessing that might be influencing their decision to install the connection-oriented, asynchronous messaging protocols. They no longer need to blast connectionless messages out like a firehose. Nearly everything is getting through quite effectively, so they can now implement more efficient protocols (or not, I welcome correction if my assessment errs).


Hey do you guys need another hand?

I’m coming close to closing out several projects at work and might have “free time” in a week or so.

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Those number also imply (once again, unless I’m much mistaken) that the hard work of networking is done. Now it is a matter of a more leisurely (if that’s the right word) fine-tuning of the networking, while resources are shifted into developing other functions, such as making the data storage robust. Puts and Gets and Posts: done, but after the data is stored it tends to decay, and that’s the next technical great leap forward (actually, promised for testnet4, early next week).


This is great for a small network. I’m curious what the new message acknowledgements will bring, should get even better.