The most valueable form of comunication

The most valueable form of comunication is one to one person to person, face to face, close physical proximity personal space, unmediated, private conversation or intercourse that is, wanted, unforced and uninterrupted.

There is no electronic substitute for this. This is most of what makes up the human experience. We cannot be sane or healthy without it.

I used to think the measure of SAFE’s success would be found in increased transparency and truth matching. I now think the measure of SAFE’s success will be the extent to which it brings back into primacy this form of communication without which we cannot even develop. If they do a physical coin let “face to face” be inscribed upon it.

But just to clarify having a private version of skype or face time or other person to person distance conferencing app would only be a means to an ultimate end of having more time in private (non group) personal 1:1 space with people. We can’t simulate this or simulate it away. It is also politically necessary.


Yea, face to face, in a room with locked doors and windows is privacy and also a form of encryption.

I think of this project allowing me to have and “in room” privacy experience with people at a distance.

Countries that want to ban cryptography… Well, they may as well ban meeting people in private too.

SAFEnetwork will deliver true secure face to face at a distance.

… another form of encryption. I have a thought in my mind - no one will ever know unless I tell them. Let’s see government try and also ban that type of ‘encryption’.


For Humanity to survive in its current form we must have privacy and private communication. Privacy is a requirement for humans to be human.

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I am seeing SAFE as a means to the end of having more actual physically close proximity face to face communication. Like a bridge back to it.

Take the problem of whether to disconnect life support. By many accounts there is something about getting into the physical space of a person that allows us to be more at peace and have less uncertainty. Same thing with reproduction. It can be done with a bank and with surogates and adoption but all these mediators lose something in translation. The electronic mimic which SAFE will allow even if we were also wired at a distance into each other’s autonomic nervous systems so we could say feel there heart rate or polygraph both ways in a feed back loop through something like TENS would still be a substitute for close physically proximate private personal time with people. Even at a distance we may be psychically connected with people, we may always be ontologically connected but virtuality is not a substitute for the actual viceral organic experience of each other. Telepresence isn’t the right basis for friendship. Long distance relationship can’t be the default or the accepted norm. If you have a friend and you learn for the rest of your lives your friend will always reside on the otherside of the universe its a definite loss even if you have means of communicating which are superior to seance or spiritualists taps.

I think the political human realm fails without this as well. Distance like a mote is a form of a wall.
And its a wall electronics and software no matter how VR/AR don’t overcome.

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