The most marketable aspects of the Safe Network


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@dyamanaka, In terms of mass adoption, the order I think is attention-grabbing is Private Data Storage, Public Data Storage, and Safecoin. Backing up your data is huge. Dropbox is ubiquitous at this point, and really a necessity. It’s also expensive for most people. If there’s a system that can do what Dropbox does for either free, or a fraction of the price, you’ll turn a LOT of heads in the general public.

Public Data Share is cooler for commercial use at first glance. The implications of it are huge. But like most things, you’ll get more attention from the consumer-facing part (the private data storage). That’ll get you the press. That’s where a lot of the adoption will come from. Then people will start seeing how the power of the public data share.

Tying it all together is the Safecoin crypto. Safecoin will derive it’s value from network adoption. I’d go as far to say it’s actually the weakest selling point at first glance because it’s hard to explain to the average person. People barely wrap their brains around Bitcoin (most people don’t get it at all). It’s seen as a scam and dangerous by the general public. But, if you tell people, “You can get 100% secure dropbox-like storage for dirt cheap”. Then some of those people start earning safecoins and realize they could buy more storage with it, we’ll start gaining trust in crypto among the public, not just techies.


100% Agree :smile:

Everyone has their own personal appeal.

Mine was safecoin. I really wanted to get into crypto currencies but never liked public ledgers. I even found it comical that I bought bitcoins, which I don’t want, to get Safecoin. Sure, I could have just waited to become a farmer, but I also want to support the project financially.

As for private online storage, it’s not that high on my “must have” list. For others, this may be the opposite, as you have stated above. The beautiful thing is, Project SAFE does appeal to a wide audience.

Want cheap secure anonymous storage? Here you go!
Want to post online without fear of suppression? Here you go!
Want a private cyrpto currency? Here you go!


Hi, I was just thinking that more marketable aspects, not currently obvious to many, may reveal themselves to a wider audience over time. There are many current issues with the existing internet (too many to list), which will be resolved in the future in novel and innovative ways – things could pan out very nicely indeed for Safenet in fact in my opinion.
At this point, I feel I must just say I disagree to a small extent with David Irvine’s “The more the merrier” attitude to potential competitors to Safenet, although I understand it: As a libertarian and Humanist I totally agree, however as a dirty money grubbing investor, I don’t – just sayin’. Anyway, basically I think it’s a positive thing David has this attitude for the project and for humanity as a whole and this speaks volumes and inspires confidence – a very valuable asset. Anyway, I also agree competition is good (again not as an investor), because the more efficient system will (not always I know), win out – evolution again.
So, as I see it at the moment a betamax/vhs type situation is evolving wherein people will be faced with a basic choice between Blockchain/sidechain technologies or Safenet to a large extent. I believe for a number of reasons that Safenet will be adopted – or rather that a number of blockchain technologies will encounter fatal problems. As an investor, I have to admit a guilty frisson of glee at this prospect – am I a monster….?
Current issues such as the possible 51% attack on litecoin, (they are currently pleading with miners to change pools to mitigate the issue) and the previous bitcoin attack, the blockchain and certainly lesser alts look vulnerable. This is caused by an ever increasing hashing power, concentrated amongst fewer and fewer people, (sounds uncannily like current economic system it was meant to replace). Other things like transaction times, bloated blockchain, meaningless hashing, volatility, power consumption et al, can only be negative – or rather positive for Safenet in my selfish view. I can see confidence being lost in bitcoin, which will make attacks on it easier too, like a domino effect. Apart from anything else, Safenet addresses many of the blockchain/internet issues and works in a much more efficient manner, so it will be best adapted to its surroundings……and will survive.
The future’s Safe.