The Master Switch by Tim Wu

I guess some here have read this, as it has had 5* reviews, is by the guy who coined the term net neutrality and warns about how the internet may be co-opted into a closed system like telecommunications, radio, and movies before it - all of which began as disruptive, open, empowering new technologies that filled enthusiasts with optimism, but became monolithic vertically integrated closed systems under charismatic entrepreneurs who delivered better user experiences.

Hers a good summary review of this book: The Gaurdian review of The Master Switch by Tim Wu

Perhaps this underlies the decision of, who stated their desire to focus on unbeatable user experience when they slashed their plans in order to deliver just one app on one platform.

Perhaps constant improvements to user experience is something MaidSafe will need to prioritise after launch, rather than other tempting stuff?!

I haven’t read it, someone on twitter just suggested it (@jreighley ;-))