The Main Problem SAFE Will Help Solve

The problem that SAFE will help solve and the biggest problem in the world today is the obsolesence of the capital class and the removal of the remnant rent seekers who seek inherited power through wealth. The foundation of that wealth is oil and puppet media.

Oil is an obsolete energy source that must be eliminated as an industry as fast as possible - something which is completely obvious. Puppet media is captured, bought and paid for media enclosure based on censorship and lies, designed to propagandize people into powerlessness. In our societies when one falls under a certain threshold of wealth and assets one becomes powerless and enslaved.

So this is what this group has in store for us. In short we are fighting a group of negative contribution parasitic theives that are trying to eliminate the middle class because they don’t like the freedom that middle class economics provides people. They are litterally trying to enslave the world. SAFE will expose the lies, uselessness and non contribution of capital rent seekers and the wrong headedness of using capital to apportion power to rent seekers- its circularity. SAFE means they lose control of the narrative permanently and are no longer able to retain power or wealth.

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