The MaidSafe laptop - the SafeBook

I think that the natural evolution would be to go back to semi-dumb terminals connected to the Safe Network.
Like a Chromebook but without a corporation running in the back end.

We all know the full potential that the Safe Network has, but to get it rolling fast I think we should give importance on apps that would make possible to have a fully functional dumb laptop running solely on the SafeNet, while being extremely user friendly.

Or… What about getting a partnership with Google and make all future Chromebooks be based on the Safe Network? If they are as serious about privacy as their PR says, they shouldn’t really have a problem with the ultimate solution to privacy concerns, right?

Anyways I am spitballing here.
What do you guys think?


Already posted this info on some other thread, but the guys are having a crow-funding for (high end though) laptop hardware fully open spec and fully open source linux distro, (no binary blobs, no firmware, no bios) needed to run. Read up the details on their page at Crowdsupply.

Crowdsupply had a different crowd-funded project a while back for lower end open hardware similar to this as well at:

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I think that a SafeBook could cost about $100 for regular users and maybe $600 for gaming laptops where most of its cost would consist of ram and graphic card, but without storage (or minimal for local caching)

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