The MaidSafe Card for Spells of Genesis will be released tomorrow April 7th

Dear MaidSafe community,

It is a great pleasure to announce the release of the MaidSafe Card for Spells of Genesis. A very limited edition with only 700 units available, the card will be be on sale at the Partner Store initially. However there are third-party community stores that should also resell it, if you can’t wait. Below is the Swapbot where the card can be purchased by existing partners (will be active at 3PM CEST, Swiss Time):

If you’d like to support the launch with a Tweet or a post on FB here are some useful links:

A massive thank you to all of whom have helped with feedback, design suggestions, etc to make this happen! You guys rock! :clap::rocket:


The artwork is epic.


I’ve never really been into card games and such but that looks awesome!

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