The Libera Manifesto (Open Source)

A quick and worthwhile read, for developers and especially for users of open source products:


This is a superb set of points, really well made. I am going to be using this and I think this community should use it. Nice to see most of us already do. It is quite specific to the developer parts, but does cover a lot more. I see things there that apply to projects even with a company such as maidsafe. Being open is amazing, but can also be tough.

An aspect that is missing is working in the open requires a lot of self motivation, drive and passion. It is easy to kill a lot of that as these points show, but also peoples focus can change they want to work on other projects or different parts of the current project as well. It does not mean they drop this one, but the fluidity of Engineers, supporters etc. is an asset we look at backwards. We should welcome the new folk that come and go, we should respect those who stay to get the job done, but we should also be able to say thanks to the “passing by” folk who help out and drift to the next thing as well. I think it is important to meet gracefully and sometimes say “hope to see you later” just as gracefully.

We have seen maidsafe staff come and go, we have seen forum contributors come and go, and the go part is met way too much with impending disaster. It is not, it is what we should expect and cherish. Of course, bad behaviour or ill feeling is not acceptable.

So I would add a bullet or 2

  • As the project develops expect the team to change.
  • Nobody owns the team, they are all free people and free to travel

I think this is something to expect and when you look at open projects, including many crypto-currency projects, or firefox, tor, crypto libs (cryptopp etc.) it is what happens. I think it should be not only expected but should be honoured at times.

It is kinda covered in

  • Don’t expect us to bash Company/Person X.
  • Don’t expect us to praise Company/Person X.
  • Five years ago, we were different people.
  • Five years ago, the Internet was a different place.

But a bit subtle.


Bandwidth is not free

maybe safe network will change that?

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