The kicker in digital physics

If this is a code universe where did the code come from or possibly more fundamental what is the nature of the computer that runs it?

Step back for a second because these aren’t the more immediate or interesting questions for us as human beings. The first implication (kicker) is something like strong mentalism but with some objective bite. If you build a computer or suppose a brain is computing this wouldn’t be the case anymore than models of computers and computer screens built in minecraft with designs that seems almost like Charles Babbage’s analytical engine. .

More than this there is no paradox or disruption of a time continuum or any kind of real time or space or causal necessity that has to be dealt with. Every seeming action and interaction can be strongly mitigated to an extent almost without limit. There are gaps that are real between the tiniest minutia that can span an almost unlimited extent. Nothing must logically follow from anything else, at least not in our space. No energy constraints and no parsimony of natural law. This is not a nature, it may display seeming regularity but it can be as irregular as it likes in its higher nested driver realities. Stuff can spontaneously appear, and disappear and there is no issue. Stuff can be edited out. Stuff may play out like a video of an experiment in its own seemingly coherent but still unreal time but all the possible past configurations are still able to be simulated as are all the probable future projections. Its as flexible as an author telling a story in writing. The author is free to edit without much in the way of limitation.

Not only that but everything seems to be software like, it can be deleted but also reconstituted and unscramble and evolved. The concept of physical damage or of getting lost in time or space or memory does not apply.

As far as the secondary kicker it does seem that the digital physics model resolves all of the hard problems of physics, cosmology and consciousness. And as of October it seems to have been tested in an irrefutable way and is now the dominant model even if a lot of people haven’t caught up to this. Yep, no particles, no wavicals just bits now. Wheeler’s delayed choice “it from bit” experiment was finally done in October and the results don’t leave wiggle room. There may or may not follow some fussing about replication which would be short lived but experiment, theory and model coincide now in the best model that humanity has yet encountered by far with huge understatement.

Another implication is this system of experience could cycle and the intro points of various ideas and realizations could be constrained or managed, which could make tech a much more limited and pre-programmed proposition than some take it to be. Whatever you do especially self modification you seem to be self programming the system but within its preferred constraints.

Let me see if I can find some… :smiley:
Do you have some link to the experiment with the irrefutable results?


Its now coders coding the code and being coded by the code. Governments, corporations- its all code and coders will be the central figures now if they aren’t already. Even for people who don’t accept code world yet its kind of hard to deny at this point that money gor lost in electrons for a bit and has now been converted to code with bit coin. Under decentraluzation and FOSS watch the hierarchy promoting centralizing hubs get removed. No stock holders or boards or execs or managers or supervisors, just FOSS coders.

@Alkafir thanks to @hamiltino as that’s the link.

I wonder about the role of the linguist. I’ve also noted from Campbell that work or die and productivity, profitability or some conservative themes seem to have been coded in to help evolve quality of consciousness per Campbell. But this sort of canvas textualizes world can make it easier for Conservative religious types to defend the literalness if their texts and textual accounts provided they can make the totally shattering leap across the literal digital divide.

Here is Campbell explaining the delayed choice experiment:

OK yes, really interesting. This doesn’t seem to be evidence that the Digital Physics Theory is “proved” in any way though – just re-affirms double slit experiments etc What I mean is it demonstrates whether particle or wave is dependent on how it is measured. There are still other interpretations of the experiment to consider, I mean – it also seems to support Bohmian mechanics (Shhhh……don’t let @happybeing hear me say that – we had a bet who was right, Bohm or Einstein. I don’t think he can hear us here though, conspiring under the stairs about overthrowing the Modocracy…….especially over the din of all the wailing and clanking of chains coming from all the political dissidents locked up in the “Meta Dungeon”). :smiley:
OMG……look at this:
“The book PVMM referred to above makes the important observation (sec. 6.7.1) that the quantum potential contains information about the boundary conditions defining the system, and hence any change of the experimental set up is immediately recognized by the quantum potential, and determines the dynamics of the Bohmian particle.”

This reminds me so much of the routing discussion about not passing information directly to a node, but via DHT through XOR space by recognising the address of where it’s going– that’s the “spooky action”………flippin’ ‘eck…. :smiley: .
Obviously David Irvine created the Universe at some future point in time and we are living in his simulated reality….well…bugger me…. :smiley:

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Funny that you point that about about the XOR,

You might like this Marcus Arvan about the P2P Hypothesis and new theory of Free Will.

This is a newer longer version of the paper that really kicked things off apparently.

These approximately down under people have been really stirring stuff up.

Campbell in his tomb talks of Bohm and he does it here too, I took away that Bohm would be pleased:

(These two La Physique, La videos don’t have the guy translating for French Speakers in the foreground that the Marseilles identical lectures do.)

Here is an article from Wired back in 02 that shows how much it was brewing even then:

And all of this fits with Terrance McKenna saying that when DMT (already present in every cell) blasted him through the roof of his skull in a mushroom cloud explosion and back down to reality in 60 seconds- at the apex he saw hyperdimensional machine elves.

He saw what? OK how much is this DMT per gram, how much are you doing…and can you get me any? :smiley:

Now we’ve all had it because unlike even LSD or the receptor for THC, DMT is in every living cell. As such its free but scheduled in many places. Aside from purchasing it I’ve heard its easy enough to produce from ordinary yard devil grass- that stuff that looks like unkempt lawn grass. You chop it up into a fine powder then macerate it by repeatedly freezing and thawing and then it goes in a bong. Not sure dosage is an issue with this method. Better have a sitter as you don’t want a fire.

Campbell says the drugs are crippling and will never give you what simple TM mediation gave him. I’ve noticed a lot of high powered minds used the TM techniques. But then we ask why didn’t Buddha and Christ and Mohhamad tell use about the Machine Elves? Campbell postulates something he says we experience as the psi uncertainty principle where fringe experience is really kept at the edge and away from consensus experience because we’re in something like a tight script loop and being mined for a higher quality of consciousness. Entailed with this are regular memory purgings and being stuck with a tight script until we evolve out. We are either up and out through evolving a higher quality consciousness or not at all (and yet we simultaneously if generally unconsciously exist at the higher code levels to where the script isn’t as tight)- that there are no short cuts and the only avenue available to us is our own effort and work and experimentation aimed at improving the quality of our consciousness through improving our intents. He says the key to what we experience is our intent because the thing tracks that to adjust experience to optimally seek a higher quality of consciousness, we are literally being mined for a higher quality of consciousness. Its a work or die, profit and productivity playground set on an endless loop.

He’s a bit circular on the drugs by his own admission because he says he has no experience with them just that those who do by their own accounts seem to have had experiences that are of a truncated variety relative to what he experienced.

His method was find a simple mantra (he provides different suggestions based on learning style) do it 2x a day for 20 min each repeat the mantra with focus on the mantra. Do it for 3 months without evaluating until the 3 months are up. That’s it.

Interesting on the DMT grass thing.

Interesting take on consciousness." Improving our intents" sounds like “develop a moral code” . This sounds like a “path to higher consciousness”, type of proposition. I would argue that to be conscious means to be aware of the nature of the reality you experience. The more you understand about how the Universe works, then the higher the consciousness…roughly speaking. I would further argue that the only way to achieve a higher consciousness is to do the actual hard work of studying the Science - not taking short cuts via Religion, Drug or Spirituality/Mystical type explanations and “paths to true wisdom” etc stuff. :smiley:

The question on everyone’s lips I expect. :smiley:

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Campbell would seem to concur based on the text of the tomb. He said intent and result were tightly coupled in a feed back loop, but also that experience was the only valid teacher- no short cuts. We have to become aware of these subtleties on our own and go along with as opposed to resist the impulse to evolve the highest quality quality individual consciouness we can. The individual aspect is not an accident for him but a feature. He was also pretty emphatic that this wasn’t simply a higher power intellect as the goal but something more like ethics and wisdom. He made it seem like higher intellect was almost trivial and far from the goal, and that the preschool program here routinely chops or restricts intellect and memory to get at the intended goal of actual higher quality consciousness, which he also describes in terms of an entrophy reducing process. Its quite a wash cycle, completely uncompromising.

But in the mean time sobriety challenged politicians seem to be funding terror boxes. Code distortions their fear based lack of consciousness will get even more destructively intoxicated with. It will push all their buttons, turn them into ouija board addicts. I remember reading about Turing describing something beyond a Turing complete machine and describing it as a oracle. These politicians puppets will have their strings pulled by t box oracles. There is precedent with Bush saying God talked to him. Was it premonition or prototype? But notice the intent here is to control which based on intents gets a predictable feedback in this script with splash damage.

@hamiltino thank you for the Johanan Raatz link. I like his approach and attitude very much.