The kernel of the argument - Torvalds on Securty - Washington Post


Its only human to make a mistake, but it takes a computer to completely stuff it up.

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I have heard similar setups have happened to some in the bitcoin community and in my eyes ESR enjoys much more credibility than you. I didn’t say it’s guaranteed SJWs are behind this, but only that if that turned out to be the case I would not be surprised.

If you have nothing to say on the topic, please open a new one. The ESR news isn’t directly related but at least I made comments that are related to the original post.

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Funny to hear that from you. Usually you are more liberal when it comes to metadiscussions and I didn’t see you complaining avout other md in this thread. Coincidence, I guess. I won’t stick around longer but re: my credibility: it’s really out of interest whether that’s me or ESR. It’s about proof or no proof. And ESR has no proof. Your reference contains half baked information, certainly not worthy to name it “theory”. Also: if there was a setup with the intent to damage reputation it’s more than questionable to refer to those people as feminists, even more Social Justice Warrior. But yeah, just my 5cts. I really hope Torvalds ia different minded than ESR in this regard.

Respone article from ZDNet:


A much better article.

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