The Intercoin Project – launching soon!

Hey everyone.

I have been a participant and long time lurker on the SAFE Network forum. I even suggested some improvements to the network back in the day. SAFE is the network I respect most when it comes to finally solving the problems of storing and collaborating once and for all. It has served as an inspiration for a lot of the architecture at my own project,, that we started in 2017 to make a scalable crypto payment system to power everyday payments.

Intercoin has a different goal than SAFE: to enable quick payments and transactions between people, and enable building community applications like UBI and statistics on how money is being spent. We have the same ethos and approach as SAFE in many ways, looking to build a totally scalable and secure back-end infrastructure that can support many applications that heretofore have not been possible. Not with Bitcoin, not with Ethereum. It might be a bit of a game-changer when it launches publicly.

Now, we have launched a community of our own, and I want to invite people here to join the discussions on our community forum. The more input we have from various perspectives, the better we can build the project, including cryptoeconomics, technology, consensus and other considerations. We also use it to describe and document the project in the open. This recent post is an example of the kind of stuff we talk about:

Thanks for hosting this great forum all these years, and I hope to discuss Intercoin with many of you on there! Shout out to @nicklambert and @neo for the architecture discussions. btw.