The impossible network

Great blogpost by David.


Very interesting! I think we will see a beta in 1/2 year(s) :slight_smile:

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David, a great blog post as usual, but you are a tease! Pleeeeeease let’s have those deleted drafts!! :grimacing:


Oh soon :wink: , I am going to post a series of use cases that I think might be useful, but mainly to show the type of systems we could have in the near future. I really feel they will be very different form today, embracing today’s advances in speech recondition etc. but safely and in a way we can trust, also things like global health systems at long last. Much more but I will try and get through a series as well as update the more tech detail along the way.


Fantastic. I’m very interested in your thoughts in this area as you know. If I can help feel free. I’m not always able to respond quickly atm but can generally find time when needed.


1/2 years are still too long for me to wait… But nothing good comes easily right?

That is much optimistic. Even Alpha 2 is not released yet which might take another 1-2 months then Alpha 3 (Probably). I am guessing 1-1.5 years, totally my opinion.

Exactly what was needed to get the basic working knowledge. Great post. :clap:

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This will be huge

In our Troon meetings with the Asia team, the biggest question that kept coming up was useful apps.

Would be immensely interesting to hear your idea for powerful use cases of SAFE, just to get an exciting glimpse in the future.

As the MWApps thread was my favorite thread on these forums so far, I’m extremely excited to hear your thoughts on SAFE’s super futuristic apps that will be possible, and who have no clearnet counterpart today.

Ready to have my mind blown.


Just what the Dr. ordered, very much looking forward to use cases that only someone up to their eyeballs in the network could currently perceive. Ironically I mentioned the need for this to someone only a couple of days ago so I am very excited to hear that you will provide a glimpse of future possibilities that will no doubt spark imagination.


1/2 is not for 0.5, the “/” is an “OR” :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d be very surprised if it took 2 years based on the comments in The Impossible Network

Explained nicely for most of people who have no idea what is SAFE network. :v::ok_hand:


Competition is speeding up fast. MS better haul ass IMHO.

Nothing is impossible in the eyes of Man. It’s only impossible if the man denies the possibilities. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great article.


Yes apps that would be a stretch for clear net. But I know my favorite one: save the world. Which I think entails giving people powerful options beyond business and government.

Its not an app but I have this sense that the speed of change that will ensue post release will be amazing, that it will put a lot of the systems that people can’t stand into instant crisis.

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It showed up on Reddit Futurology, cool! I made a reply and posted a link to the @Zoki video.


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Well there ya go!

Reddit upvote anonymity blown :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you David! Have forwarded it on to a few people, and they all have thanked me, essentially saying it was “needed”.


Perhaps I’m reading way too much into this post, so please tell my I’m thinking science fiction here.

This is the critical point, SAFE at it’s core is an “Autonomous Network“, not a set of federated servers, or owned storage locations, or identifiable nodes, but actually an autonomous network. This means no human intervention, no humans setting prices, no altering configurations to make things work, no tweaking data on disk, no altering rules of the nodes, absolutely no human intervention apart from running a piece of self configuring, self healing software. The network decides prices, rewards and how to protect data, communications and calculations, not any human.

What exactly is being described here? Isn’t this an AI? What makes AIs more powerful - bigger data sets. Doesn’t MaidSafe via SafeCoin have a built-in currency to incentivize people to store (and eventually process) data and in so doing feed this AI? Bootstrap it into something big?

I believe one of Tesla’s endgames is Transport-as-a-Service. Building a platform (hopefully on SAFE) for autonomous vehicles, so rather than an impossible network sending packets around this one will be sending people and packages (Tesla truck).

Smarter people than me also believe that AI is beginning to “infiltrate” the energy grid. The processing and storing of electrons on an autonomous network?

So, communications, energy and transportation. Are we handing over control of these key resources/infrastructures to “our new robot overlords?”