The idiot Scott Walker Admin elminates Tenure at U of WI

Tenure is one of the strongest protections of free speech there is but Walker and other clowns are pro censorship by money so they want professors scared to speak their minds and closely supervised by money morons, hence the elimination of tenure. Think of the rest of the admin and the ideology. Supports torture, supports punishing whistle blowers, supports money is speech. Wants longer hours and lower pay. Wants to get rid of pensions and retirements and social security. Wants higher taxes on the middle class and higher indirect taxes on the poor. Supports accelerating global warming. If Walker ever got in with Jeb into the oval office it would pretty much guarantee another 911 because that is the only way such fools can hold on to power even in the short term. We need get these parasites and the parasite they represent out of our political system. These people are waging war on Americans and on their freedoms and quality of life in particular its time for Americans to wake up before they find a future consistent with the South having won the Civil War.