The hard question

Time is running and MaidSafe must deliver more than promises… The Roadmap gives not hope just despair as the hard question is hidden and obscured in the unknown future.
For more than a year ago a test was done with a total failure as result, I remember that the test broke down and I hoped that something good should be learned, but instead took the project a new direction and goals and the most important questions are still unanswered!
If MaidSafe will give another try with community owned nodes and storage capacity, if MaidSafe will give a real-life decentralized network with my and others hardware in the loop, a serious try, then I will bye Safecoins and be happy with my investment :slight_smile:

Thats not how some/many of us saw it. The network worked. It handled the “full” situation fine. And removed the network because it finished it purpose. It was only meant to run a few days anyhow.

No it just reorganised which modules were done when. No new direction. The goals are still SAFE and the components are still the same.

The only introduction was a temporary invite system for future tests. We have alpha 2 with vaults running

We have alpha 3 coming up and it has nodes at home (no vaults at home

We have alpha 4 after that which combines alpha 2 & 3 giving vaults at home

Alpha 4 is this. And has been mentioned so many times in the forums I am surprised you missed it seeing as you reasearched this enough to be asking “The Hard Question”

It won’t be next month for alpha 4 and I sense alpha 4 will not be quick enough to satisfy you.