The Grid: A.I. created websites

Perhaps a project for @nicklambert to liase with? I did drop them a tweet concerning SAFE, which they liked, but they didn’t reply so I’m not sure what their response is.

The project does seem to be open source and I can totally see this being absolutely awesome on SAFE, assuming we could get it running on SAFE of course.

Meh seen that a while back, unsure what it will be used for TBH the sites look bland and boring as fuck and they have some issues too;

some unhappy campers on reddit

I guess most people are pissed because the A.I. is a little retarded at times and they can’t override it as well as all the mistakes the company behind it made e.g. taking peoples money months before allowing them access, no updates, really hard to get refunds etc.

I’ve found it hard to find any positive reviews from real web developers.

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