"The Great Hack" (a Netflix documentary film)

I watched “The Great Hack” last night and couldn’t stop thinking “The Safe Network is the solution to this problem!” all the way through!


I did the same, it is a good film to explain why we need to give data back to the people. This is our core and the reason we started, it seemed obvious all those years ago and now folk are catching up. It is disappointing it takes so long for people to “get” that, but at least we are getting there now.


I watched yesterday too and totally felt the same. Maybe it will be forgotten about too soon but to me seemed one of those times where people in theory could be driven to safe, like the whole atmosphere and consensus for a few days is enough is enough.


It reminds me the documentary from 2013 called Terms and Conditions May Apply.
The full documentary is uploaded in YouTube:


If you haven’t seen The Great Hack, I strongly advise checking it out. It documents Cambridge Analytica’s (as well as social media’s) role in electing Trump, Brexit, and many other political theaters—all of which underscores the moral imperative of restoring people’s control over their data and privacy. Whether they currently realize it or not, the world desperately needs The SAFE Network.


Watched it. It kinda give a very good perception to the general public about the importants of personal data & how they’re being farmed unknowingly. I wonder any of those guys (characters, producers & especially David Carroll) knows about Safe Network.


Agree, really gives a sinister view into to the state of affairs of our personal data on the web and why the world needs some network that embodies the principals of SAFE and doesn’t not even realize it yet. If MAID gets its network going I think some of these folks coming to terms with the gravity of the situation should be the first folk that really get SAFE pitched to. Their vote of confidence for what the MAID team will hopefully have built will be a great springboard to drive adoption as it covers all the biggest dangers this video talks about.

Playing a bit of devils advocate, there is nothing stopping companies from scraping safe websites that are public data and building out personalities of folks who talk enough publicly on the safe web. But what SAFE does do is prevent the wholesale distribution and selling of its users data directly, and if safe users keep their data private and not front facing to be scrapped, then it can never be harvested and sold off to the highest bidder for psychoanalysis purposes.


Hi, I’ve been speaking with David - so he knows about SAFE now! Plan is to reach out with the rest of the folks involved as we’re the perfect antidote to the state of the internet today.


Well-done on your fast action! Glad to see more engagement right now.


Shame you need a Netflix subscription to watch… walled gardens are another reason we need the SafeNetwork, along with new business models to take advantage of what it enables.


Watched it. Meh- OK for Normie’s I suppose.

I’m right of politics and generally cynical so of course I’m going to say that :slight_smile:

But in all honesty it wasn’t the best.

I mean DJT won for many reasons, did you catch the factoid at the end about how much money they spent on facebook ads versus Hillary’s campaign?

Money makes the world go round.

The whole thing would of been more credible had it been bipartisan. It was basically a big loud screech on the world stage from people upset that Trump won.

Professor Carroll said he’d not give up the fight, but he did. Probably once he realised what they did was either not illegal or in a grey area. That was basically the summary of the film. Kind if like a big party balloon deflating fluuurp…womp.

He then goes on to advise his students you can never go off grid. Really? Lol. Did he just say that? Terrible advice and not even close to true.

Kaiser tries to paint herself as this poor little girl who made a mistake working for the big bad republicans :joy: cos she needed money. C’mon get outta here with that. She befriends these guys, then goes and talks shit behind their backs. From a moral perspective I find her actions to be very questionable. On one hand she’s apparently friends with these guys on the other she’s making a name for herself as this great moral arbiter and exposing them. The irony is intense.

The whole thing was a bit if a farce. Scene after scene moment after moment they go from telling the audience how bad social media is coupling this with horrible pictures from modern day conflicts to tweeting incessantly every single thought that goes through their head.

They make out as if people are just stupid and will go along with anything. That’s probably what I disliked the most. How about reminding folks they have a brain and to always be vigilant.


First of all, just because something is legal doesn’t mean that it’s ethical. After all, law is a game in which justice most often goes to the highest bidder.

Even so, both Cambridge Analytica and Facebook faced fines for what they did because it ran afoul of the law. No one’s gone to prison (yet) because see point number one.

Moreover, Trump and Brexit are just sub-bullets to the larger issue. What concerns me more is the degree to which—as the documentary puts it—weapons-grade communication tactics and psyops are being unleashed on unwitting masses at a global scale (I.e., Cambridge Analytica also practiced and honed their tactics in Kenya, Trinidad, etc.). What we have learnt (yet again) is how easily mankind is persuadable. Cambridge Analytica simply showed us the latest iteration of bringing a scientific method and industrial process to the art of manipulation (I.e. predictable and repeatable results with efficiency at scale). We are most fortunate that no truly madmen (e.g. Hitler, Stalin, etc. level) have decided to deploy these tactics. What would be great is if before such a madman arises, a tool that helps to prevent the flagrant abuse of people’s data can come into being.

Finally, we shouldn’t assume that the general populace is as aware of these things as those who tend to hang around forums like these. Indeed, that’s a challenge that must be overcome if we are to see consumers at mass understand the value of The SAFE Network.


“weapons grade” :joy:

Was that the part the journalist called it weapon grade. Must be true. Please.

Of course people are being manipulated that’s what marketing is. Weapons grade is a bit rich don’t you think?


Are you sure you watched this documentary? Weapons-grade was mentioned by Brittany Kaiser, who worked for Cambridge Analytica, during her testimony to MPs.


I wasn’t aware she was a weapons expert.

She’s a sales woman. And a scorned one now that the big bad orange man is in power. What people say is neither here nor there for me, I like to look at facts.

Let’s be real.

She worked on Obama’s campaign… Wasn’t he the guy in power when millions of innocent civilians, men, women and children were killed during the War on Terror. Weapons Grade? Hmmmmmm how interesting it’s only used when they’re side of politics is not in the hot seat.

You know I find things like this interesting. We don’t want to be manipulated and yet this entire documentary is completely politically biased and is played on what we know to be a politically biased network of which has also been hacked numerous times and of course manages user data by questionable means. But of course Trump is bad…right.


By “weapons grade” Kaiser was merely stating the fact that it was UK government’s classification of the type of psychological operations (PsyOps) that Cambridge Analytica was capable of doing.

The fact that Cambridge Analytica was an offspring of SCL which was in fact a military contractor specialized on PsyOPs, and now they were using the same tactics commercially for any deep pocket out there.

By the way, if you listen carefully, Kaiser referred to that “weapons-grade” classification in the past tense, because since 2015 the target audience analysis no longer had an export designation, meaning the firm no longer had to tell the government if it was used abroad.

If what you take from this documentary is an attack on Trump, you are completely missing the point. You might as well have missed the whole movie man.


There is a torrent for that!

I’ve not watched it yet - but I agree with your sentiment @goindeep

True, and laws, ethics, morals are ALL highly subjective - which is IMO the core reason we need the Safe Network. To be clear I probably agree with most people on most fundamental morals/ethics … but you can’t effectively make an a-priori assertion with them like you can with 1+2=3. This is why people are persecuted everywhere around the globe for all time - for expressing something that goes contrary to the cultural ethics, religious morals, or statist legal “standards”. And that persecution drives censorship which curtails introspection and challenge to the views one holds … which in turn prevents/inhibits cultural evolution … and thus allows the status quo to maintain their grip on the population.


Does that mean I’m drinking military grade milk because apparently the brand of milk I drink is also supplied to the base? Again. Please.


Is your milk in the UK strategic export control lists?
Is your milk forbidden to be sold in Embargoed countries?
Did you have to apply for a license on the SPIRE service to export abroad?

Your arguments are childish.


Meh. I could care less.

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