The Democratic State vs the Utopian Free Market Mafia

In the relatively open Democratic state you can avoid the coercion of taxes to some extent by staying poor but subsistent. In the total free market free for all sans democratic state you cannot avoid the protection money demands of the local mafia and a failure to pay results in the loss of limb, life or family members to set an example. Further, the protection money doesn’t even get you protection from the local mafia. In the state there might at least be some basic services and infrastructure. With the unrestrained free market mafia, whether you lived, died or succeeded would be dependent on the random personal whims of the local mafia. Under our newer less medieval circumstances, machines can offer the self-appointed or inherited mafia what human labor cannot. Try competing with a machine for real, instead of in the fake environments of failed states.

In the free market utopia the mafia would consist of the worst actors from the worst corporate entities, but they would be unfettered in their coercion.

A.G. Farbin, Monsanto, SAIC, Black Water, Haliburton, Searle, Carlyle Group, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, BofA, News Corp, BP, Enron, Union Carbide, PG&E, Console Energy, Comcast, TWC, AT&T, Sprint, MCI World Com, Massey Energy, Mc Donalds, GOP, Amway, AOL, RIAA, MPA, Exxon, Chevron, Walmart, Anthem Blue Cross, AIG, Danone Waters, Peabody, ADM, Koch Industries, BEI, Black Rock, Bilderberg, ALEC, BIS, and of course NSA-CIA-FBI they are as dirty as their corporate private contractors and composed of the same people.

We can’t simply say they are already in power, because we know it hasn’t been working or hasn’t been good enough by a long shot.

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