The Decentralized Cloud And The Future Of Data. MaidSafe & Decorum


From the article, “SAFE is simply an Autonomous network”

Nothing to see here folks. It’s just another one of those ubiquitous autonomous networks!


More from the article,

“So far, Filecoin is yet to release a product, which puts it in last place in my opinion behind Storj, Sia, and MaidSafe who all offer a working platform where you can mine, host and store data currently.”


“Maidsafe’s goal is to be the world’s first Autonomous Data Network via blockchain based storage solutions”

Also a bit on the Maidsafe community that I wasn’t aware of:

“Maidsafe’s Reddit isn’t too active, but I joined their Slack channel which was quite active. One thing I noted about their slack channel was they made people state why they were joining and then had to be approved by a moderator beforehand. I liked this since many Slack channels are plagued with scammers trying to get naive investors to send them Ethereum.”

Another article on consumers in control of their own data