The DAO crowdfunding is live

Some of you might know or not, but there crowdfunding is live right now.

I only note this because maybe the SAFE Networkers might learn from their crowdfunding and how professional it’s done.

  • Project announcement months ago
  • Get cryptocurrency website to write about it
  • Do interviews
  • Make a deal with exchanges, so that you’re coin is widely available
  • Build up a community with over 4 K users on Slack
  • And now this crowdsale that’s working out very well

See magic happen here

This is absolutely not to take away thunder from the crowdsales of Decorum and N99, but it’s nice to see how things could also be done.

Have fun :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought the information provided on Slack was extraordinarily clear and helpful. The guys were sooooooo patient explaining that, because the DAU idea is all so new, some terminology just doesn’t fit perfectly… yet. The thing is evolving. First ever in history.etc They also made it clear that Slockit is not the DAU. They also said people should use the Mist wallet for purchases, viewing balances and future participation in contracts. They provided step by step guides that actually work.:sunglasses: Guess what? People still wanted to send from exchanges, wanted to be spoon fed, wanted to know when they could start trading (obviously without the slightest clue about the project ) No wonder traders find it so easy to take money from their noobs. So, no matter how hard you try, the bleaters will bleat. I say good job on Decorum and good job on theDAU. It’s all new and very exciting stuff. :smile:

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Hmmmm yeah I should have mentioned that, with this crowdfunding your investing in the DAO and it can pick Slockit as a project that it wants the service provider to work on.

This new way of creating financial liquidity is still in it’s infancy, but as far as I know and made their own wallets. They would just let you create a wallet on their website and provide you a bitcoin address where you can send the money to. IMHO this solves the problem of people sending money from exchanges/wallets and not being able to access their crowdfund coins. Their wallets even have 2FA, so a real progress in this cryptosphere.

What’s also pretty neat, is The DAO’s crowdsale also has the option to pay in fiat or altcoins. Of course we’re all learning from this…

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hey we should steal those 4k emails from slack and send them a massive spam to promote safe ! Slack support told me openly that they don’t do anything to prevent or punish email harvesting. And all it takes is 3 lines of grep / sed

Google spam king arrested, let’s try to promote the SAFE Network without getting arrested. :sunglasses:

Hey this just happened today, Mycelium is also having a crowdsale and ofcourse they got their own wallet. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is also worth noting all this talk is NOT investment advice, I personally would advice to invest in SAFE Network projects like Decorum and N99, but this is only because I love the SAFE Network and want to see many apps running on it.

I’m excited by all the interest this is developing & hope some great innovation arises from these significant financial resources.

Also hope the Ethereum community can provide one simple innovation: a wallet that can reliably sync the blockchain! Whenever I want to use some Eth, I need to spend hours / days deleting & re-syncing to get the blockchain up to date. It’s pretty ridiculous, but I see a lot of potential due to the huge dev interest.

I also wonder if the DAO will be able to fund projects based on the Safe network once it’s available, and I see no reason why not as yet.

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If you got DAO tokens eventually you’ll be able to make proposals, if they are beneficial to the investors they can be implemented. On the other hand SAFE Network projects, funded by an Ethereum sounds like a fun experiment.

Thing is, if you make a proposal you or somebody else should be a service provider to code the SAFE Network app.

To be real honest the SAFE Network’s speed would also highlight the problems you mention.

I update Mist every day and it works very well. I did find that I had to be on the very latest version or the sync is horribly slow, needs restarting etc.

Perhaps, though for Safe, you won’t need to sync a muti-gigabyte blockchain.

Will be interesting to see how the DAO uses Safe. Proper integration between Ethereum & Safe could be useful for a number of applications where blockchains are useful, assuming structured data blockchain alternatives can’t provide 100% of this functionality (and if they can… awesome!).


The crowdsale is for the DAO isn’t it? I think it’s great to have Decentralized Autonomous Organisations. It doesn’t fit all purposes and I doubt if it fits the whole thing. What can I do? Become some sort of a shareholder of and vote if their devs are allowed to use some ETH to pay someone who fixed a bug? Well, I bought Maidsafe coins in 2014 and I’m glad nobody needs to vote on whatever Nick and David want to do in Troon. They are the company, they know exactly what to do themselves. This whole idea that everything needs to be “democratic” is a waste of time. I think the hype will die out fast in the coming years if more DAO are used as backbone’s for projects and companies. Although it might be great for non-profit organisations and for everything else than voting on how money is spent.

I also doubt if is gonna be useful for anything. Keys are working great for opening doors in a hotel, or opening your car. I really don’t want a blockchain involved to be honest. First of all because I have no entrance when my internet is down, secondly because it involves privacy issues and thirdly, keys are already working great for thousands of years :heart_eyes: I use them all the time. And even when I check in in my hotel things always work well. There’s a desk with nice people behind it and they use computers (with a centralized ledger!) to see which room is for me. It’s amazing ;-). Wish them all the best though.


I hope too that there will still be nice people there in the future…

I also have the deepest concerns when I see the kind of projects that tend to remove human relationships from our lives.
When I read " is proud to work with industry leaders to integrate smart contract technology as part of every day items. " , I can’t help but thinking this kind of project is exactly what we will have to fight at some point if we want to survive and live in a free society. Everyday items , in my opinion, have to remain dumb everyday items, so that living people need to physically, meet, gather, exchange, learn from each other.
I don’t want to rent an airbnb appartement just because it is cheap and convenient, I want to meet the owner, exchange with them about the city or country they live in, have a real human relationship with them.
Like it or not, smart networked everyday items are simply a way to harverst information on consumer behaviour, a tool for the big industry to enhance its power and control on our lives. Simply look at who are the main partners in this project, and ask yourself what their incentive can be…
Making the “internet of things” blockchain based certainly makes the infrastucture much more robust and less prone to attacks, but it doesn’t remove the original goal : sucking data , make loads of money and control both individuals and masses.


I hear all these stories about the future of all these blochchains with thousands of transactions a second, but so far no blockchain can handle more than 20 to 100 Ts/sec. So even if IoT-devices would all be part of blockchains, the systems would crash quite fast. Next to that all that software and hardware would use loads of data and energy to stay “alive”. In Amsterdam they’ve created an IoT network that uses LoRaWAN and the sensors use an extreme low amount of energy working for years on a battery. No need for the hyped blockhain.

Nicely put.


Yeah it is for the DAO.

The idea is to rent everything that got a lock, this could potentially replace service like Airbnb (Airbnb closed account of renters in Amsterdam, things like this are just unacceptable to be honest) and others.

If you could send a token with an expiration date through textsecure, it could make the service not internet depended.[quote=“polpolrene, post:10, topic:8974”]
secondly because it involves privacy issues and thirdly, keys are already working great for thousands of years

I think these service will run best on the SAFE Network, when I see things like this

I think ok fun and all, but all that biometric data should be in the users controlled and on the SAFE Network and NEVER in the hands of companies. Decentralization of many things are needed so that the end users become the ones in control. The biggest mistake that Slockit is making is working with Microsoft as infrastructure provider (because how can you be decentralized, on a centralized infrastructure?). We must also be super careful, that if biometric data is in the hands of users, that it cannot be used against them to access their data under coercion.

It’s not really necessary to fight, you can vote with your money. Want something? support it, don’t want something? don’t support it. For the first time now we’ll have financial freedom, all we need is a stable currency to give the cryptosphere that edge, because many things are already moving to the edge.

I would argue that the blockchain gives more power/insight to people then you would feel comfortable with. If the blockchain can be attacked purely with tx’s, that’s not even a good thing to consider to use. And right now the blockchains biggest problem is scaling at the moment.


erm, that would take some money to be able to vote. If I have barely enough to sustain a living, I am out of the vote, it seems… Such a form of democracy has a serious flaw, I would say.

Actually your already voting and you don’t need a ton of money. Simply by using cryptocurrencies your already voicing (f@$%# fiat, bail out, bail ins and inflation).

If you don’t like what Slockit is doing, don’t have their coins
Like what the SAFE Network is about? hold SAFEcoins.

democrazy is already flawed by design (that’s why user empowering money like SAFEcoin, will do wonders to how we think about life, obviously apps also will need to enable/enrich users for particiaption).


I am loving every word published by the Ethereum community because they are spending the time, money and resources needed to educate the public on this evolutionary paradigm of decentralization, which will allow SAFE to focus on building a back end that is scalable.

I am very sceptical and haven’t invested any significant amount into the Etherum community due to my lack of understanding of how it will scale (particularly keeping cost of use down) and business partners, but the endless projects that are open source and top quality have me engaged often.

Again I propose to the expert coders of our SAFE community, what would it take to get something that looks like daohub running on SAFE? I think it would beautiful to build a DAO for that specific purpose:)


They have some trouble explaining the DAO as well I think. Someone asks what it is here on Reddit but if I look at the answers I miss an easy to explain description. In this article someone tries to explain how a DAO could make revenue but it doesn’t really answer the question. So they’ve raised over 4 million dollars even while it’s not really clear how you could ever get your investment back.

I’m not an expert or something, but what I get from it is that the DAO is some sort of unstoppable backend system including votes, accounting and more. So 15 friends decide to raise money for their project, they create the DAO contract and when people send money to the address they can become involved being able to decide when certain expenses are released, who’s in charge of the project and more.

Smart contracts are on the roadmap for SAFE so this is possible on SAFE as well when that’s implemented. Would be great to experiment with. At the same time I’m glad that @dallyshalla has full freedom to run Safex as best as he can and for @Seneca to build Decorum without being bugged by others ;-). When people have great vision and crowdfund some money they should be able to just go for it.


One of the key things that interests me with DAO’s is the discussion of ownership. When there are talented creators with a profound idea/invention then of course they have an overt claim ownership. Where I think things get muddy is when these ideas and projects require community resources to build/make these inventions a reality. When these products require funding, workers, end-user contributions, to make them a reality…does the originator of the idea still have complete ownership?

I think the answer can be anything, but having an autonomous system that enforces the immunitable originating terms is an attractive concept. Look at facebook and the drama with winklvoss twins or Steve Jobs lost ownership of Apple with dilution of company shares.

Researching DAO’s has me thinking, what would the world look like if Decorum scaled to a trillion dollar platform? Would the early adopters/workers and creator still have a choice of stake in how it runs? Would a trillian dollar DAO decorum platform scale any different?


DAO Crowdsale Already Raised Over $12 Million from Ethereum Investors
The DAO is meant to serve as an investment fund for early stage Ethereum ventures.

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Anybody interested in building our own SAFE DAO Crowd Sale to fund SAFE development projects? All the stuff to do it is there. I even started a website that intends to include that function. Could start with a hackathon to kick things off?

We would just need to create a list of curators and well raise funds.