The Cryptocurrency Rabbit Hole

So, as my first post, I feel compelled to write about what brought me to this place.

I’ve been wanting to invest into some cryptocurrency for a while now but gave up on the idea a couple of times when I discovered the steps involved: the simplest of all is to wire money to an exchange, buy Bitcoin and usually use Bitcoin to buy other currency or AltCoins as they are so often called.

I’ve invested in a few now. You know what they say, diversify your portfolio, don’t bet on a single horse. Sure, the rewards are higher if you pick the right horse but such gambles are for oracles. I prefer to do my research and pick a few potential winners.

This finally brings me to, well, here. I absolutely love the idea behind the SAFE Network and I believe that it is the future: a decentralized internet. Imagine, a truly free and anonymous internet. Throughout history, mankind has been seeking freedom and has crossed the Atlantic for that purpose.

It is a natural state of government to expand and it is natural for those who have the ability to control to regulate and control. The current internet model is failing. The security, privacy, and freedom are just no longer there. I believe the SAFE network is the future. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even in a year or two. Maybe the final solution will not even be this platform but it will certainly be something similar to it.

Those working on these emerging technologies are the Christopher Columbuses of the modern age and will fundamentally change the way we think and behave.



Welcome… and yeah, basically. I still have my mind blown regularly by implications and functionality as I come to understand the details better.

The ants are coming, and we’re going to eat The Man’s lunch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I know of no one who does not love "the idea behind the SAFE Network"
No one disagrees, that MaidSafe, if successful could be truly huge.
Where there might be disagreement is, whether the team is capable of delivering (is it big enough, is it skilled and funded)? Isn’t the task simply too complex to accomplish and if it isn’t, would they be able to make it before the others?
I’m not suggesting the answers are “no”. We all have to make up our minds. What I am saying though, is that having the right idea isn’t enough. We have to be able to actually walk the way.
And sometimes, I think that we, the community, are so blinded by the vision of what could MaidSafe bring, that we just leap for it, with no second thought of whether we can get there.


Very sound response and I couldn’t agree more with your premise, or at least how I understand it: there is a chasm between having an idea and execution.

We’ve had this idea of colonizing space for a long time, and it’s a great idea for reasons too numerous to list. That being said, it hasn’t been executed, yet.


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I agree and disagree. There are engineering challenges to be sure but they’ve refined or refactored some to work better over time or create detailed rfc’s and then simulations and then to the implementation. The breakthrough idea of data chains and the framework is there. Look at routing, it’s insanley unique and it works! These folks are solid and creative engineers/problem solvers. I think it will come to fruition and when it does it’ll be nice and ripe!


I certainly hope so and like @veli_e_veliev mentioned, hopefully the team can deliver this daunting task.

I’ve grown up with the evolution of the internet and it was something very special. I absolutely despise the fact that Facebook and Google now control 70% (see article below) of all internet traffic. What’s worse is that they are now using that power to brainwash and control social narratives.

The internet of today reminds me of a forest littered with deadwood, and the only way to rejuvenate such a forest is to burn it all down. Articles similar to the one I post here often speak of the “death of the internet” and the SAFE network or something analogous will be what stems from the ashes:


I spent my teenage years listening to the iconic sounds of the 56k modem bringing me into another world, the world of websites, internet chats (remember ICQ?!), and online gaming. Remember this sound or are you too young?

By the time I was in may late teens, we had the cell phone, ever decreasing in size. All of a sudden, the smartphone was born. Boom! High speed internet, both PC and mobile catapulted us into a new age, the information age.

Unfortunately, the internet was not to remain the wild West that it was originally intended to be. A soup of ideas, sometimes nasty but often not, is now strangled by increasing centralization and institutional control. We are entering a dark age of the internet and it’s time for another revolution.



Should you have the urge to test the Alpha 2 Safe network and publish a website, I have a suggestion: safe://threes (copy of That would be a nice addition to the already available game safe:// :wink:

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I do remember that wretched sound haha. I even used to listen to 8tracks in my old mans manual transmission truck and recorded music to cassettes too. I’m happy I had the opportunity to see all of this not exist and then come to be. It makes you understand and appreciate it all more unlike a bunch of the ignorant young people around me whom know so little that they believe cpu’s are alien technology :roll_eyes:


I’m in my early 30s and my girlfriend is 26 and I honestly worry about her sometimes. Those Facebook and Snapchat dopamine hits can really wear a person down. It seems like this sort of social networking technology is having a serious effect on the male brain but especially the female brain.

From an evolutionary perspective, women tend to be vastly more social than men since their survival depends on being accepted into a group vastly more than men. Anyway, I digress. I’ll wrap it up with the following: some of my younger family members, especially the girls are glued to their iPads and smartphones wasting their life away and I can’t see this being good in the long term.

When I was younger, yes, I spent a lot of time playing video games but I was also using the internet to learn science, the economy, programming, etc. Yeah, I do worry a little about the younger generation of today. I worry that they live outside of reality and will struggle hard when reality hits and they have to fend for themselves as an adult.

Feminist lesbian dance studies degrees will only get you so far, which is not very far.


No comment on the dance studies but same here on the rest, totally agree. Also early 30’s and my younger family members take technology for granted and are wound up in conspiracy theories, not like real world shady business dealings or dark money but lizard people and chemtrails. I even overheard a show that was being listened to that mentioned alien cocaine, was very confused by that one lol.


Ah yes, the fringe and even mainstream conspiracy theories are really starting to bother me. It’s alien cocaine for the masses. The lack of evidence in what people claim these days is staggering. Unfortunately, it’s not just the young ones, those a bit older are too busy working and raising their children to keep up with all the stuff happening in society these days. Even if they are reasonable people, they simply don’t have the time to gather the necessary information to contribute and so idiots are left spewing their uninformed propaganda on the rest of us.

I found the trick was to teach people how to think critically. I’ve noticed a polarization in today’s society, when it comes to a vast variety of subjects. In example, I will ask people the following questions:

  1. Do you believe in God?
  2. Do you believe in the possibility that you are wrong and the opposite is true?

My conclusion is that there are too many unreasonable religious and atheist. The first question above does not have a correct answer but the correct answer to the second question is “Yes”. Only a person who is unreasonable would answer “No” to the second question and I’m worried about how many do so. Those who believe something without a doubt in a situation where it is impossible to prove or disprove a certainty is irrational.

Another good one along the same line of questioning is:

  1. Do you believe in Aliens?
  2. Do you believe in the possibility that you are wrong and the opposite is true?

Anyway, I’ve rambled on enough. It’s just funny that I feel like an old man at the age of 32. Ha!


I’m catching up to you soon! You took the thoughts right out of my mind, glad you made your way to here @333 it’s the best place on the legacy internet :wink:

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Since there are no other Autonomous network platforms being developed anywhere that I know of, indeed will be the solution.

It takes a lot of dev time and brains to reach this goal, both of which have already been invested by the super ants.

Since this platform has been patented, other platforms will have to start from scratch. This is unlikely, as most people don’t even get what an autonomus network is.

Also Smaller alpha versions of the network have had much success running already. Most of the hardest tech already works.

Heart, soul, passion is being put into it, and each day we inch closer and closer to going plublic. It’s going to happen, beacuse it already is happening!


Ha you youngin :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I grew up in a time where they had seamstresses (people who used needle and cotton) to build the main memory cores for computers. Cut my teeth on one of those computers that took the whole floor of a building to house. I did this at a time when school kids did not touch computers at all. I was lucky my brother was at uni at the time and I often used the mainframe.

Ever hear the tones of a 110 baud modem? or of a 75 Baud modem? They were bad enough. :smile:

But yes the safenetowrk is progressing nicely and alpha2 is autonomous now and the only control humans have over it is to turn off the computers that the nodes/vaults are running on. The node/vault has to be stopped to upgrade it then restarted. This is the only control humans have on it, other than that it controls everything about the network. Setting up accounts, logging on, uploading files, where to store things etc etc. is all controlled by the network itself.

So the concept is running now. All that is being done now is adding features and ensuring stability. That said it is not ready yet for working in the wild since some essential features are still needed.


I think it’s not just the centralization of the internet that has changed - it is also the culture of the internet that has changed - a culture of a few early adopters versus a culture of a mass of late adopters. One segment is innovating and thought provoking, the other is sheepish and administrative. – well that’s how I feel about it anyway. SafeNet too, will go through these stages. I hope that at some point the innovators will realize that humanity is not all the same - not advocating elitism here, just pointing out that we are a diverse body of creatures.


Yeah like Bancor. Raised $250 million and is a dud. Maidsafe is at Alpha 2 with Alpha 3 in 2018. in my opinion. We have a saying where I come from - Slowly slowly catchy monkey


Seamstresses building memory cores?! Room sized computers!? 110 and 75 baud modems?!

Geez, yeah, you are old! :wink:

I appreciate the enthusiasm and confidence expressed on this thread and by the community. Exciting times ahead.


Lets just say I have children older than you :sunglasses:

If you ever want to see it done, have a look for the documentaries on the space race. In one of htem they show footage from the sixties where the ladies are threading the magnetic core memory modules that contained the program for the lunar lander and command module. Now that was threaded programming :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face:

The program was in how the cores were threaded. Obviously that core was never written to.