The crucial thing is making sure the fossile fuel industry cannot recoup its sunk cost

To get the needed political transformation and banish people like the Bushes and Kochs from politics and influence, we must not only keep them profitless but make sure they eat the losses on sunk costs. That is equity and justice.

This means subsidies for them are stopped, they don’t get bailouts and they are stopped from suppressing tech or pushing for anticompetitive laws, it also means they are subjected to increasingly strict anti pollution laws and are made to pay for damage their firms have already done. The plight of the tobacco industry is a good model

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The Kochs can sell their heir interests and buy TSLA and still wield the same influence.
You keep forgetting that to the owner it is not important what business the money is in, it’s only important that it generates a return.

That would be a hostile take over. There are defenses. Best thing is to Unionize Koch industries and then have employees do a hostile take over to convert to.employee ownership and solar.

Imagine the haircut the Kochs would take trying to slither on board Tesla. They would also have to take KI public putting them in the same value catch 22 as the Saudi Royal family. They would be caught in the zipper.

Conficate any wealth in Tax havens. Its hillarious with Shillery, where she helps set up the austerity fraud through Panama but says she’s qualified. And now with negative interest, well its time to get rid of interest and stock dividends before we let that ultimate theft happen. And lets restrict share value to 2x book and get rid of shorting.