The Cleaners 2018 [german, french]

“When you post something on the web, can you be sure it stays there? Enter a hidden shadow industry of digital cleaning, where the Internet rids itself of what it doesn’t like. Who is controlling what we see… and what we think?”

great but disturbing documentary about the work of content moderators:

trailer [eng]:

whole video [german, french], available till 03/09/2018:


Very well put!:+1:

For me, the best scenes are those, in which they talk about what influence big social media companies have on our society as a whole: More polarization and a decline in diversity of opinions. But what’s the reason for this? They argue, it is the companies’ strive for making the experience of their platform as “comfortable” and “easy” as possible…because people don’t like the uncomfortable.
Very interesting!

Kind of related to this topic there is a great article on Medium by Joe Edelman in which he gives suggestions on how to design social systems (without causing depression and war). A great article, IMHO!

Thanks, I’m happy and optimistic about all the new decentralised tools we will get in the future, but there is so much work to do right with those tools to design better working societies. Hopefully we can learn from our current mistakes. The article you provided (and all the links it has in it) is really inspiring.