The Censorship is Starting... We Need Safenet Now!

I am sure many of you have noticed the marked increase in "censorship" stories that have come out since the election. Twitter censorship stories, Facebook censorship stories, and now a push to reign in "fake news" sites across the Internet. It is obvious where this is heading and why we so desperately need Safenet asap.

Not a day goes by where I don't read a comment on a forum where someone says "we need an open alternative to Facebook / Twitter / etc."

Even though launch is still a while out, I think it would be great if there was some sort of advertising campaign right now while the censorship theme is trending.

At the very least we can be letting the general public now that a solution to Internet centralization and censorship is being worked on and Safenet will be ready shortly!


I like it. Puts the urgency forward.

To be honest, I actually think it is a good thing with not so much advertising around it. I think its impoartnat that safenet can be developed without any crazy governments trying to impose any laws that would block it or otherwise cause problems. Also, if we now scream maidsafe and then there is nothing for the average consumer to use, the effect will be smaller once its out there. I say keep on working on this and once its ready, the world will see and then it will be too late for governments to do anything.


Raising awareness is good I think if targeted among those we associate with rather than advertising. I don’t see any benefit in reaching a wide audience when there isn’t anything ready for them yet. Can’t wait for that! :slight_smile: