The censorship industry


The point of modern media in the states is censorship. Spin mills get paid for mass misreprentation. Functioning internet and tech like MadeSafe put the lie industry at risk. This is what sponsored data is about. Its about converting the economic basis of the internet to censorship (sponsorship) to keep the lies alive. The cost of these lies is our rights and quality of life.

Some may say there is no whool pulled over people’s eyes, that they like the lies. But those lies are meant to make injustice acceptable.


Spin mills will still get paid for mass misrepresentation no mater if it’s done on distributed apps or on traditional ones.

Yeah, you’re probably right but the lack of sponsored data will not stop the spin mills either. There is no stopping them and there shouldn’t be. Who is to say what spin is and what is not? Who is all knowing and all understanding to do this?


But you know- signal to noise, still need inteligible mediums. Its also as Niall mentioned they’ve always spied on us. They need to cotextualize to prevent stampede and they don’t appreciate the loss of public goodwill.


It all just feels like pantomime to me.


Like they really cant hide anything from us anyway? I get that feeling as I think the world runs on something like direct insight and the denial of it. Its not like we are going to have a new plot or even a particularly new narrative. We can kind of see it coming like characature or pantomime.

But there is a hard edge here. Many of us in the states are in the position of having to pay increasing amounts to firms who use the money to disempower us, errode our rights and quality of life and they brag about it. Having to pay att more so it can play artficial scarcity games with info?

We also get government by employers instead of by the people so that life reduces to garbage HR law type stuff. If there was ever a reason to move beyond the employment model its the bs known as HR law that makes people into slaves for a good portion of their lives- a controlling portion.

To me MaidSafe is about cutting the cord on censorship. Want more accountable government that can’t gag order away false flags and privacy violation? Want to make sure big data cant misuse transparency to expose your private life so that you must refrain from parts of the good life and self censor.


One thing that would really help with neutrality is if there could be a verified leak on the censorship industries attempts to create more censorship. Possibly the administration making promises for more of it. That might be enough to outright kill sponsored data. I am making a political statement here: sponsored data is crime. Its practically the definition of it and a legal system that devolved to blindness on this would itself be crime.