The Cambridge Analytica scandal is a drop of water trickling down the visible top of an iceberg. Focus on decentralizing power


Make England Great Again?


I remember saying this was going to get much worse, across Silicon Valley, back in like Jan/Feb and that Facebook might not survive. People laughed. Yet, as the year plays out, it just gets worse. Well, the really damning stuff hasn’t even come out! The truth is open-source for all to see. It just involves a bit of will and a shovel…

Get the popcorn, the climax is getting closer. Get ready for complete censorship and blackouts across social media in the run-up to the election. These people can’t afford to lose their protective corrupt plants in the bureaucracy. They couldn’t survive the reveal of the true depth of their illegality, immorality, and, quite simply, evil. I won’t spoil the show…enjoy!