The Cambridge Analytica scandal is a drop of water trickling down the visible top of an iceberg. Focus on decentralizing power



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Still just the tip of the iceberg…I wonder if MZ will step down…Oh, I wonder…


FB faces a lot of scrutiny now and MZ stepping down will maybe book them some progress. But I hope that move alone won’t be (broadly) ‘accepted’ as anything near enough for a real solution.


I live in a country that has no rule of law. Yesterday a Fake news bill was passed. I think the freedom to read and decide what is right or wrong should be with the people and not for the government to decide. The world has taken a wrong turn somewhere.

I know i sound like a broken record…but the time for a network like the Safenetwork is now. I hope we get it soon. Before its too late. I sure do not want to be controlled what i read and how i think.



A conservative source and a liberal source.


I wonder if this has anything to do with the recent share sales.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is definitely the type of vehicle I would use to backchannel “donations”.

This is the kind of guy I would want to help set up those meetings. His revolving door history might be useful.

Deeper and deeper.

If your interested:




Best strategy is to remain under the radar if possible.


Here we go…


I fully agree with the way you have addressed this issue.:aplaudir::aplaudir::aplaudir:


We have to think very positive about this!


I do not either, but for this to be functional we need to make it booming happen and show to such governments that the people deserve respect and that we should not be controlled by this mafia who only craves more power to dominate everything and everyone in a rotten and fully capitalized world. That is why we have to impose and make it happen.


I would prefer Hillary as Captain of the Titanic.


Except they were different projects both in scope and genesis.

Facebook was opened in 2003 with its beta FaceMash

Facebook is nothing like Darpa’s lifelog. Just some people massage the facts to present it as such. LifeLog was to be

a tool to capture “one person’s experience in and interactions with the world” through a camera, microphone and sensors worn by the user. Everything from heartbeats to travel to Internet chatting would be recorded.

LifeLog is intended for users who give their consent to be monitored. It could enhance the memory of military commanders and improve computerized military training by chronicling how users learn and then tailoring training accordingly, officials said.

They have areas that overlap, but so does/did MySpace and Google+

So not only is the corresponding dates WRONG so is the application and what was being/going to be done.

Coincidences are a bitch when people lose sight of the world around them. There are millions of such co-incidences and humans as pattern matching beings we can either see reality or see conspiracies behind each and every event.

I’d put more reliability into the NSA snooping on IP data, the banks required to tell the government all your credit card usage and bank usage if asked, the cameras being placed all around for our protection the data retention laws introduced in nearly every country, as being the replacement/substitute. Its these sort of things that are equivalent of the conspiracy theory version of DARPA’s LifeLog.


No one said they are one and the same.

Pretty quick to pull the conspiracy theory trigger, huh? Don’t trust people to make up their own minds? The James Bailey thread isn’t this one.


You posted the image from the conspiracy theory. I didn’t say you agreed.

But I noted you ignored the other facts I posted.

Oh well believe what you will, I have no need of those theories. The government have achieved a large measure of their planned surveillance without any need for facebook.


From what conspiracy theory is the image?

You didn’t post any facts that were relevant to the point of the image unless you interpreted it as claiming to be the same project. Not even the image claims the projects were the same or that the date is conclusive evidence of a conspiracy. That said, I’m not too convinced that you’ve looked at the evidence to be so quick to dismiss it. If you have no need for engaging in these theories, why respond if it’s just a silly conspiracy theory?

I believe in evidence. I haven’t closed the case on anything, but unless you’re a spook or an insider with a vested interest in this not being revealed, then I’m pretty sure I’ve seen enough evidence of some serious shenanigans worthy of an investigation, which is likely already happening…

Honestly, if I’m to take you at your word, I think you’re wildly underestimating the level of B.S. that’s been going on. I’m the last person to ask anyone to believe in a conspiracy theory, and I know how busy people often don’t have time to dig into things. On this issue, whatever it might be, there is way more than meets the eye. Of that, I am certain. I’m merely dropping a few of the leads that might be more popularly acceptable for the layman. There is a whole underbelly of evidence, rabbit holes, and dead ends, and with a name like neo, it’s ironic that you’d be so adamantly against that…

EDIT: Coincidence analysis aside, the real story is that these details weren’t even, or have yet needed to be, brought into the light. In a political master stroke, the minor revelation of Cambridge Analytica and it’s massively over-emphasized relationship to Trump’s voter targeting, looks more to be a setup to expose the double standard of Obama’s massive abuse of data and relationship to Silicon Valley, and, moreover, to get people frustrated with Facebook itself and looking at social networking as a whole with a much more critical eye. Bait and switch. “If Facebook helped Trump, then we hate Facebook too!” The results are pretty stark: not only is Facebook being forced to cannibalize their one and only business model at very high costs, the majority liberal user base, particularly millennials, are leaving the platform in hoards. Oh, I wonder who masterminded this? Conspiracy theory? Silicon Valley has dug their own grave and I would expect a lot of people to be going to jail soon. Data abuse is the least of their crimes. For whom does the bell toll?



Watch it on 1.5x or 2x, but it’s certainly an additional angle on things: