The Cambridge Analytica scandal is a drop of water trickling down the visible top of an iceberg. Focus on decentralizing power



Pull on that thread.



Still just the tip of the iceberg…I wonder if MZ will step down…Oh, I wonder…


FB faces a lot of scrutiny now and MZ stepping down will maybe book them some progress. But I hope that move alone won’t be (broadly) ‘accepted’ as anything near enough for a real solution.


I live in a country that has no rule of law. Yesterday a Fake news bill was passed. I think the freedom to read and decide what is right or wrong should be with the people and not for the government to decide. The world has taken a wrong turn somewhere.

I know i sound like a broken record…but the time for a network like the Safenetwork is now. I hope we get it soon. Before its too late. I sure do not want to be controlled what i read and how i think.



A conservative source and a liberal source.


I wonder if this has anything to do with the recent share sales.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is definitely the type of vehicle I would use to backchannel “donations”.

This is the kind of guy I would want to help set up those meetings. His revolving door history might be useful.

Deeper and deeper.

If your interested:




Best strategy is to remain under the radar if possible.