The Brexit thread

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Don’t see any reason why it should affect anything to do with the project.

Edit: this topic is at a high risk of derailing.


If the source is the state-sponsored media of the UK Establisment aka the BBC then what you have there is lies, obfuscations and deliberate ommisions.

Do not fear Brexit, it won’t happen. Too many of the UK 1%ers need us to stay in and they have some very efficient ballot-stuffers.

The only upside to this referendum is that it will mean the political death of half of the Tory party.
What’s not to like?

EDIT: Aaaaaand its going to get it right up the UKIPpers and the rest of the single-digit IQ Daily Mail and Express readers. They’ll need to go back to obsessing about bloody Diana. Chortle.

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That is it in a nutshell. It’s all just political theatre to make the people feel empowered even though there’s no chance of an exit.

People are scared of big change, they only vote for it when they think they don’t have any other choice. People basically vote out of fear and they are more scared of leaving/change than things staying the same.

Zero chance of brexit imo.


Hm 3 of my closet friends 1 Scot and 2 English have all voted leave. This astounded me because they are young liberal people. People who were lowest on my list of possible leave votes but yet they are. That knowledge has changed my perception of the potential outcome.

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I know lots voting ‘leave’ too for various reasons, but I don’t think they are representative. It may not be an overwhelming majority for stay, but already polls show them gaining more ground.

Lots of people thought scotland might leave too, and they had more reason, but same story, people are scared of change when push comes to shove.


Be exciting if you’re right though and we do leave, or it sounds exciting, actually it will probably be boring either way most likely :wink:

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I think it’s hard to see the positives through the cloud of immigration. If it’s a leave I suspect regret will follow as time passes.
That’s personal opinion, not based on politics, I’ve never been a fan of borders
But it is hard to find a brit in the streets these days :wink:

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The Fabian Movement has ‘everyone’ in firm control , the public arena is a show to
appease the population even in the discussions and confrontations … Rest assured
nothing truly essential to the ongoing centralisation of governmental powers and the
imposed deindustrialisation and impoverishment of european nations will be allowed
to evolve beyond marginal importance . People have to evolve beyond their fears they
are played upon ; in the meanwhile , let’s focus fully on our turf :



How long does the vote go on for? In Australia referendum voting happens on one day, usually when a general election occurs.

Polls closed at 2200BST.
I think we’ll know the full story within a couple of hours.

Only 4 of 382 ares declared so far - Brexit won Suderland and the £ is tanking :slight_smile:


Nail biting stuff…

Do you have a link for that info you had in your post before. Might be interesting to check occassionally

Just Google Brexit the results are displayed that way. It was a screenshot.

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So is the vote on the country wide # people voting yes/no or is it on shires voting yes/no?

Obviously I don’t know how UK referendums work.

I guess they don’t have Google in Oz. :wink:

Well your quick smart reply is unwarranted.

There have been 3 referendums in the UK and apparantely using different methods and the system is not explained. And google etc give the info relating to referendums but not the actual process since it seems it changes between the 3 referendums and the info is not easy to find.

So I asked here from people who were involved and obviously had been told. Why not ask the community for the good information rather than the unreliable web (of misinformation)

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I completely get why people are voting leave but it’s sad. There are far to many walls in the world, next comes trump hell bent on matching the great Wall of China.

Country wide. 20 char

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Coincidence I think not :wink:

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