The Billion Dollar Completely Un-hackable Net-Box

Here is a thought, provide me yours:

When SAFE goes live I am thinking about using a storage internet connected device to farm the network;

I will post a video and an article inviting the worlds best security and hacker, cracker organisations, think of NSA, Anonymous etc. to try and hack into the device and retrieve information stored via the SAFE net.

I’ll call it the billion dollar box because we can assume there may be crypto keys stored in there to the tune of a billion dollars :slight_smile:


Put a Safecoin bounty on it hah, store the keys of a Safecoin wallet with like 1 million safe coins. Or maybe that should be MaidSafe’s job. Stand behind their tech with money/coin where their mouth is. Maybe keep the box plugged into the wall at the MaidSafe office encased in a physical safe bolted/mounted to the ground too with only a power cord exposed. SAFE within a safe :laughing: . Would at least be a big crypto PR stunt by MAID when the network is live, ballzy and I like it hah.


This is precisely my thinking. I would donate MAID to this cause. Me putting MAID into my own version of this would not work as well as it would amount to nothing.

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First off that is a nice pic! :smiley:

I like pretty unbranded objects and the message it sends, is really important… it’s about the user and the network, not third party branding.

Most important when SAFE launches, is that it’s considered simple. A blank slate. It just works. There is far less need for the complexity of “how it works”.

Something like the attached with different colours for its state, would be so cool. If the balance of what can contribute to the network is set right - not absolute but relative and useful, then to be hoped early versions like that should continue to work, rather than being at all demanding like corporates cf Apple™-gives-us-all-yo-money-for-the-latest-model.



Perhaps you don’t even need to put money/coins on it, but set it up to be a vault with a valid safecoin wallet which also has the priv keys in the device. The more time it’s unhacked the more value will be in it for hackers to try to break in.


Great idea. Something like that could catch fire :fire: spreading the word on the current internet first seems ironic :joy:


I can already imagine people taking selfies with that box posting them on their social networks with “the box that is holding $$$ serving SAFE users for already X years”, the future main Ayr turistic attraction :wink:


Isn’t it testing the security of the OS the box is running moreso than the security of SAFE? I wouldn’t be too confident that the NSA doesn’t have a zero day or two up it’s sleeve for any OS.


If the generation of “honeypot” vaults was automated and managed by the network, its wallet could receive a portion of coins earned in its section so that over time the value of cracking it increases.


Make sure to put motion a few motion sensors in it and hook them up to some thermite on top of the drives. You know, just in case. We’re talking about $1B, after all.

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Maybe unikernels can help with that, at least on the vault side, where the OS is just fluff around the single service the computer (or VM) is running.

Unikernels are more like library operating systems that provide nothing but the bare minimum the app needs to function and this can reduce the attack surface drastically.

EDIT: As it happens, @goindeep’s idea is not all that original. MirageOS, which is a unikernel, had the “BTC Piñata” ( which was exactly this: a challenge posted to hackers and security professionals to break into and claim the private key to 10 bitcoins, hosted on a MirageOS based web server. It wasn’t broken.


Great idea @bochaco

@JoeSmithJr Sure, but it is in a testing the network because the device is housing the data. Technically you could do it with just a node address but not as marketable IMO.

I literally can’t understand what you mean and I only had a beer.


The first thing, that came into my mind:


And ‘to drug’ him will also cost money :wink:

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They get all the drugs they want, for a very low price.

eg Coca-Cola Has Always Had A Connection To The Cocaine Business | HuffPost Impact

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Lol. I just read this back. I think I was typing that in my sleep.

I may even roll something like this out my business when/if I start it Business: Home Server Solution & SAFE :grimacing:


Not gonna lie, I was thinking about what you meant there even days later and figured it must’ve been that vaults don’t store specific items so they can’t be targeted for specific information.

It would still make sense to compile vaults into standalone unikernels :unicorn: (I just woke up and my mind is defensless) because the attack surface, for any purposes, still got minimized :unicorn: yeah.

That would be correct. That’s what I was trying to say.

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