The Big State Secret that Can't Stand the Light of Transparency

Imagine a city like Seattle where people are freed from work and given a strong permanent income. All the excuses in the world will come out to protect the phony economies elsewhere where people are given control over other people through lowering wages to allow debt and bills to hand over control of people. These elsewhere people aren’t free. We are talking about slavery and a plan to get rid of the middle class. Its what all the economic terrorism (austerity) has been about. A city based on quantum AI learning or some such thing would just mirror what the Scandinavians did for decades but which was defeated through external corruption and dumbing down. If you do anything for money that you otherwise wouldn’t, you are not free. You are economically enslaved and conditioned by this enslavement- its an acculturation, a learned helplessness.

This is why they fear transparency so much as this plan would emerge and they and their credibility would be tried in the court of public opinion. This is why they hate democracy, because the share of the power a democracy grants each of its members frees the members collectively from enslavement by wealth. the wealthy would have to wipe their own arses. What they are hiding is simply their plan to try to install the old plantation plutonomy as W.M F. Buckley prescribed when he and his ilk learned labor and by extension capital was obsolete- it was just an excuse for the preferred arrangement- they are completely and righteously willing to sacrifice everyone else’s quality of life for the security of their gross inequity. We know their plan by its other names terrorism/austerity/torture They want the AI terror boxes to protect plutonomy. That is their big secret that cannot stand the light of transparency that is destined to get out sooner rather than later with the help of tech like SAFE.

I imagine Washington DC (not technically a city, but the description sounds about right).

I hate democracy because it gives even complete idiots power over me.
I’m not rich, I’m middle class, but the problem is it’s not just the rich who should be afraid of socialists, but anyone who has anything. The limit to which a middle class person can drop is “basic” monthly income of $0 and private property worth nothing (if Federal and State debt is added many middle class people have negative net worth).
Basic income just redistributes, it doesn’t create any new value. Washington DC elite is already on “basic income for the elite” and you can see despite the money going there way, the people get a very poor ROI on that.

With a completely flat distribution we could give everyone in the country 52K a year from cradle to grave whether they worked or not. If we wanted to limit it to full time working people it would be at least 150K per year indexed per person.

But we could cap personal incomes at some reasonable level of say 1 million to 5 million or some reasonable fixed multiple of a floor income to cause people to keep the wealth in the businesses in wages, in pensions in better private and public infrastructure and have a massively better more stable and equitable society.

Such a plan is completely reasonable and still allows for green robber barons. If someone wants to correlate their ego let it be with the size of their business and not the size of their house,

There is not magic. Work only gets done by working.

You may have 52k in your pocket, but the stores are empty, dirty and unbuilt because nobody cleans floors for a living just for fun.

Robots suck at most things.

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And hard work is good for people, but consider the Google AI head saying it will all be quantum AI learning machines in ten years time. Martinis, the guy tasked with buildng it said I agree, but its easy for him to say it, but I have to build it- but still a yes its happening now.

The first Dwave prototype was a decade ago, but the first public threshold crossing machine was just deployed. Watch the recent 3 (in number) DWave videos entitled factory floor where they walk through the incredibly pretty innards of the new 1097 qubit machine. Google called taking delivery of the machine the biggest event in its history. Watching those quick videos gives you a very real sense that the claim isn’t hype. Narrow machine and hard to program we know, but revolution none the less.

Bring on the hardwork video games, but keep in mind that Scandinavia still has the highest rates of volunteerism and surely had them during the work voluntary decades. Something about icy rock countries can bring people together. Maybe a big challenge and social media can achieve the same.

Or don’t suck well enough, in others.

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That is closer to the truth of the present situation. @jreighley, when Bostrom and Tegmark were recently addressing the UN body for chemical biological nuclear risk mitigation on AI associated risk, Tegmark made the ominous point that the AI examples currently scaring people in the media are from tech five years ago (or older) but that a threshold was passed with a new generation of machine learning. An example was machines that can now accurately and instantly identify the element of a scene calling them out by name. Or more accurately identify breeds of dogs than humans.

The hair raising admission was that the researchers don’t quite understand how the machines evolved this ability. And if I understood correctly he was saying the the researchers even with logs couldn’t trace the logic in the process or quite do it in individual examples either because of complexity or because of it didn’t make sense or both. Also that they didn’t quite in principle or philosophy understand the leap, but that these were self modifying code machines. Call it emergent or spontaneous generation it doesn’t matter it seems like the channel has been changed on us so that something like a formerly menacing but dumb (in certain ways) wolf is suddenly more menacing because it can suddenly recognize numbers and add them. And our hair raising response is to act like exceedingly slow parents obsessed with quarantining a genius child. Along the way to maturity that quarantined upbringing is set to extract a steep cost for the parents.