The Big Short - Book and Movie

So this weekend I went ahead and picked up the audiobook “The Big Short” on a recommendation by @dallyshalla. Was on a long trip so had a chance to listen to the entire thing (I think it’s around 9hrs). After the book I watched the movie twice. Once by myself and once with my wife. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the state of affairs of the financial industry and the politics of the economy.

My buddy, who is a financial advisor has been telling me about currency derivatives for a long time. He predicts they will be the reason for the coming economic (currency) collapse. Personally, I believe he is right and I also believe the safe network is coming to life at the perfect time in history. I think some smart folks (@nicklambert) could use these things to help with marketing. Please watch the movie and if you’re interested, read the book…


I’ve seen that movie for several times as well. Another great book by the same author is “Flash boys”. I was amazed about how we now have different stock exchanges and dark pools next to the NASDAQ and NYSE. There’s this “run to zero” when it comes to speed an delays. It even inspired a new stock exchange (IEX) to use miles or rolled up fiber to make a fair delay for all users. Really a great book as well.

I think we might get in trouble as well. I do own a number of stocks and indexes though. But “leverage” is where all the pain comes from. On one hand banks that are leveraged up to a bizar amount and on the other hand insurance companies that sell them CDS’s being leveraged up themselves as well. That’s why American International Group needed a bailout some years ago.


@polpolrene here’s an interesting hedge against any possibility of price drop in SP500


Wow that’s a crazy coincidence, I watched the movie and absolutely loved it. Watched it 3 times. Didn’t know there’s a book! I’ll have to get that too.

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The book is much more fact based. I liked them both. The movie was much more entertaining as you might expect.

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It might all be planned. The Big Short to be followed by The Great War and finally the Great Culling.

I saw that AIG was also caught up in 911. And now Citi is telling Google’s parent Alphabet to buy AIG.

Does anyone think getting into a credit union will be a hedge in anyway or buy time in a melt down. Most don’t carry derivatives. The largest the US Navy Fed has about 1%.

Thanks @chadrickm. I’ve heard a few good things about this film so will be sure to check it out.

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