The bees are buzzing

It’s T.I.M.E trustless instant market environment. What are the bees? The four main currencies of the beems decentralized autonomous network relying safe. This and many others will take left over maidsafecoins to own self funded self created networks. More details to be worked out with user feed back.

This topic is also very confusing, what are you referring to?

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Okay say someone has an idea like a an exchange with margin trading and wants it to create itself and have no one that can be a point of failure. You go to SE^2 network and and make a request. It produces what you want and sales it’s shares for Maid (that gets burned)with discount or established currencies.
One aspect is it will be a programming wizard like for all crypto.
Edit: Bees and beems- bitcoin elastic ether maid safe

Ok, so this is related to the other topics? Maybe you can keep it all on one topic instead of 3?

The main backbone is safenetwork. I want a codevalley on safe that will eventually be autonomous.

I have some maidsafecoins. But I want them for more than just to get safecoin. So the rest of my life I will develop ideas for safenetwork apps. When they have offerings they will give big bonuses for maidsafecoins that will be taken out of circulation.
It may use variations such as a pre sale where the MAID is sold for funding. Than in initial offering it is burned.

Daniel Ray Waters Hazelton Ortiz (yes my actual full name from three fathers)

Quite the statement! But can’t say I’m not glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Feel free to use the mockup site to list any appropriate App ideas

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I did thanks! I read about your sale earlier cant believe I spaced it off and missed it.

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