The Art of the DAO

This is a link to an inside look on the creation of DAO’s on the ethereum platform.
What will unencumbered economic freedom look like? What new ideas will be codified and monetized with a system ruled by the laws math which remain securely outside the heavy hand of tyrants and monopolists? What could go wrong… or right?
To my knowledge the first DAO funded was Maker in Sept of 2015, next came Digix and soon there will be the DAO which will manage the distributed governance of Slockit and who knows what else.
How will DAOs be managed on the SafeNetwork? I expect whoever solves that problem will have created one of the most powerful tools for System D imaginable.


If I have understood it correctly, running code in Ethereum is very inefficient, requiring every node to recalculate the scripts. A distributed computing layer on top of SAFE can be made much more general and efficient for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and for the Internet of Things (IoT) than Ethereum is my guess.


Everything related to DAOs is in its infancy. I expect DAOs running on safe will have very real advantages too. What I am most interested in are the changes their very existence will bring to bear irrespective of their platform.
Some people think of DASH as a DAO. But I think of a DAO as something even more liquid. I think of it as an assembly of individuals and possibly bots whose stake in a protocol is quantifiable in the form of DAO tokens. Their votes on proposals determine the value attributed to moving the vision forward. And each share the rewards of success according to their stake. Hmmm… I think I may have just loosely described DASH. :smirk: I feel the power of the DAO has only been hinted. This economic tool gives likeminded people of the world the ability to organize with laser like focus their financial energies into products and services (with dividends) that before were only the purview of the elite class. Freaking beautiful!


This is also an interesting read: How to sue a DAO. It all seems to boil down to suing the people involved.

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I think this was already discussed ad nauseum here. Legal ramifications for PtD (Pay the Developer) feature in the SAFE protocol

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and this is why having a corporate umbrella is a better option… :slight_smile:

What happens when there are thousands of people spread across the globe involved in a DAO? People who can not afford the Corporate Umbrella but are supporting a DAO because it is the only economic tool that allows investment with possible dividends that is in their reach a tool which gives them opportunities to help create value otherwise impossible? This a tool for the underground economies of the world and it will operate without the consent of anyone and penalizing a person here and there will have very little effect as a whole. In fact penalization will drive this new market tool and its users into stealthier habits and ultimately make it more robust.


I think this is the wrong way to think about it.

Let it be FOSS and possibly anonymously created.
I think AI will become part of it and also that the AI will help in the coding.

The investment model in DAO is stupid, backwards inefficient and not revolutionary enough. A DAO plus owner makes no sense. No owners, no board, no execs, no managers, no supervisors. It would operate by creating an equivalent negative cost situation for end users relative to anything that had owners. Owners don’t add value and they create conflicts on efficiency. They also create a target for suits.

You can use SAFE network as a DAO example. Once an instance us running who is the owner? Its GPL3. Even so what would ownership mean when their are there are thousands of fungible branched instances running? Think also about free Linux. These things will be like pieces of societal OS code that the open community put together. It will never be a get rich scheme for coders.

If you want to build a human organization into it then all of the above, again with out the conflicts on a credit union/ cooperative model, flat with no outside investment and no money coming from outside investment, maybe only a start up loan from a credit union. You may have a flat share or retirement share but will never own anyrthing especiallt not in a way that could bring outside investors or speculators as at best these would be like credit cards with back seat drivers and balances that could never be paid off.

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It wont be long before we know one way or the other. Once DAOs mature they could be the best way to fund any new venture, they create a captive audience and potentially bring in talent from all parts of the world.

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