The anti corporate movement

Anti Corporatism is not defined by what it is against. Even if you think current corporations are not currently a problem you could be against corporations because of the risks they present. But for most the risks are present. Anti corporatism is really just an expression of anti totalitarianism. Corporations are based on a few things. Corporate rights -money is speech - enclosure- extractive ownership - top down fear based society. You can be against corporate governance and corporations as their effect is totalitarian. In place of corporations you can have completely flattened systems where you automate out management. You don’t build your systems based on ownership but on membership or an inclusive principle instead of the exclusive control over the means of production. So these these systems aren’t owned by anybody, they just come down to membership. You can use anonymous decision systems to quell the cult of personality and make better decisions and smooth out some of the rough edges of more direct democracy. The essences of corporatism is the use of fear to control people. Democratic systems are actually empowering people they are more than bottom up as they are flat or have the potential to be flat in a way that doesn’t victimize. .