The Anomaly of SAFE

Just a random observation:

My impression is that most new technology is a spin-off of military research, with silicon valley being a kind of conveyor belt from secret military labs to the commercial world.

But SAFE is new technology that has sprung from one non-military researcher with a vision.

Is that an accurate view? Because if it is then it’s another reason why SAFE is really something special.

I think @dirvine is correct to wish the development of SAFE to quickly become as geographically diversified as possible. Like Bitcoin in its first few years, it is currently under the radar, of forces who would come to rue not having stamped it out in its infancy.


Military equipment is far superior than civilians mainly because of taxation. If it weren’t for pesky taxation, civilians would have a much better tech than what we have right now. Safe is a prime example of what we invested without taxation.


Taxation allows for them to be able to waste a lot of it until they get something useful. They can also gather a lot towards some specific goals (often bad goals).

Now if we had more money (less taxation) and an effective way to collectively harness the buying power of that money… Then we might be getting somewhere. Just so you know, I’m working on it :wink: