The Admin's targeting of Biden doesn't legitimize Biden

If you look at Biden’s inclinations and preferred plans he is as much of a fossil fuel sell out as Hillary with her entitled taking of monies from industry and banking and her selling natural gas under Bush and Cheney and trying to call that trash a bridge fuel. I suppose if zero point comes along people won’t be able to get their sunk cost out of solar but it will have been worth it. But right now stopping all forms of fossil fuel profit and rent seeking permanently and instantly making sure the losses are absorbed by the fossil fuel pushers themselves and not their human shield hostages with jobs and pensions- is the most important thing in the world. Those responsible for the fossil attrocities and externalities must eat the full cost and not be able to socialize any of it. Up to about 1950 they could have been held harmless after that it was all about malevolent rent seeking and bondage.

I don’t believe Biden can win for the same reasons Hillary couldn’t over come the EC even with the 4th greatest popular win in history even being such a weak candidate. She cheated in the primary. Making it so Trump can’t run won’t be a means of sticking us with Hillary 2, that would back fire.

There is a crisis of rent seeking going on in the world. In a world that is exponetially increasing its automation and where energy obviously and necessarily will come from the sun (more of neutral heat pollution arrangement) rent seeking is increasingly non viable because of the inherent non contribution of rent seekers and rent seeking on people’s time and energy through money is moving to a model where where its pure obvious but unjustifiable entitlement causes increasingly great unnecessary burden that can’t be hidden. So you see the Trump EPA talking about water in CA because they want to do privatization type theft and fraud to try to find avenues for rent seeking- beyond the rent seeking on rent seeking itself through driving down wages to increase debt and with it increase interest and price away education.

Follow up. Now apparently the fossile fuel industry bribers (donors-sponsors) are threatening to pull their bribe money from DNC if it chooses Warren. We’re supposed to choose Warren. So big oil, official covert sponsor of the DNC. But that doesn’t mean we’re stuck with a briber n chief or a bribe taker n chief or both.

If a politician takes money or if someone gives money to a politician excluding the nominal state funded salary that needs to be a felony. We can’t have societies based on bribery and we can’t have media based on it either- sponsorship is bribery- has to end in all of its forms.

On the larger context, in 28 Keynes warned elites that rent seeking would be over when the economic problem (scarcity problem) was solved. In 70 the economics profession told world leaders it was solved. Rent seeking under capitalism had a kind of logic to it because necessity in work is related to our physical bodies and what is needed to maintain them. When we’ve passed the point where the necessity of work is gone relative to automation we can’t fake it for very long. Nothing is going to put automation back in the bottle and nothing will bring security or dignity back to work in the absence of necessity. So we have a broken pie slicer and the fight is coming over who society belongs to. Does it belong to those who were rent seeking whip crackers? Is that a real contribution? No its not. It belongs to the people and families that earned it through building out society and putting the automation in place making it primarily possible. And even more fundamentally it belongs to society in general because society is for the benefit of its constituent not for the gluttony of a sub group. And notice that the claim made by the young and the old on society is not the same as rent seeking.

Look at the cost of the obfuscation over conflating money with speech and putting commercial speech at the front of the line and having a media based on censorship and spin and drowning out the public interest- look at the paid lie media model. In the US we had two sell out prostitute candidates that solid their people and society out over fossil fuel rent seeking and those two were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump- selling out to fossil fuel rent seeking was as bad as every kind of bribe taking or getting puppet-ized by a foreign state and I’d argue that both were clearly made puppets by the oil states and their oligarchs including Russia, Saudia Arabia, Israel and the so called ‘Texas Energy Sector.’ The Torries aren’t any different- same kind of sell out. Their task has been keeping unjustifiable rent seeking and its power and privilege alive in a post scarcity period. Behind the scenes they make excuses about stability and vestment and using oil to create binding security and dependence and keeping client state relations, they talk about hedging deflation and talk about not wanting capital to rot- but what are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet if not guardians of rotting capital? But notice the public can’t think clearly about these issues or their being dragged back to the plantation because he public is straddled with a sponsor captured media with politicians who spend all their time on their hands and knees begging sponsors for bribes so they can turn around and give the money they took in return for the endless promises they made to sell us out and given that money back to the sponsors by giving it to the media outlets that the sponsor essentially own and control. Is a closed loop system of bribery and corruption.

And under this idiocy most people in the developed world live cold sweat busy work lives that start in 1st grade without security and without the prospect of social mobility aside from whoring. Literally what they are taught from 1st grade on is obedience to busy work and distraction. A this point we need what the economists prescribed back in 70 which is guaranteed cradle to grave indexed replacement incomes. We need the benefit of an age where instead of having to whore under a plantation feudal arrangement we never have to do anything for money that we otherwise wouldn’t if we already had more than enough of it. We need this to avoid he civil wars in the face of existential tech just as the economics profession warned, before the idiot neoliberal distraction came. All the neoliberal privatization of stuff that should run at cost was an attempt to expand the 1/3 of transfer payments that have always been there to make room for more rent seeking as rent seeking is failing.