The 3S! Safe Smoothie Solution

In this thread I wanna introduce and (when its ready) offer how-tos etc

I introduce The 3S! Safe Smoothie Solution!

your one stop for all your safe needs

currently: prerelease v0.0.8 try it now: Releases · smoothoperatorgr/the3s (

Implimented (for windows now):

  1. Setup
  • latest safe installation through maidsafe script
  • delete safe.exe
  • latest safe node installation through safe node install
  • delete sn_node.exe
  • it pulls the “known” testnet config URLs from a gist and you can select it in the drop down menu and add it in the safe networks (if the testnets are not online it will fail)
  • add your custom testnet by proviging testnet name and config URL
  • check safe version
  • check node version
  • show safe networks
  • clear output of the output box
  1. Setup Local Baby Fleming
  • check running local-baby-fleming (it shows how many nodes there are
  • kill local baby fleming (safe node killall)
  • clean up local baby fleming (rm ~/.safe/cli/config / rm -f ~/.safe/network_contacts / rm -f ~/.safe/node/baby-fleming-nodes )
  • run local baby fleming (11 nodes / safe node run-baby-fleming)

for the rest of the commands open a powershell window and use ~/.safe/cli/safe.exe <safe commands> or add to PATH variable the folder ~/.safe/cli/ and run commands with safe.exe <safe commands>

  1. checks for updates when launching The 3S! and by clicking yes it initiates the update process and relaunches The 3S!


  • implement all safe commands

it is getting somewhere already!


is there a way to have in a github page or gist all the url of the testnets and pull them from our app for easy joining to testnets/comnets/smoothnets?


I think you could do an updated list in a gist.

TBH gists are not a resource I have explored in any depth but I think this should be doable.


Made a json gist and it works well!


@Southside i am developing the 3S with tauri and vanilla html/css/js and its coming up nice, not yet usable as i have implemented only the safe setup functionality, but once i have safe use pinned down i will share!!!

Tauri is cool cuase you cna make a web gui with performant rust code in the backend, thanks for suggesting it!

One issue is that a tauri app needs to be installed because portable build is not yet available (will be with 1.3 they report) no biggie just peeps would need to install my app in windows.

I am developing in windows first cause windows users i reckon would need a gui to interact with safe with a point and click way! But will make it cross platform inthe end as tauri has that posibility baked in.


Dont thank me, thank @happybeing


Thank you @happybeing then, tauri rocks!!!


I want to take your tauri work and extend it to make a faucet. We will need this to test PayToUpload.
Basically a page that asks for your wallet address and the amount of testSNT you want.
If you have not been too greedy(!) the app will respond by issuing a DBC to your wallet address from the genesis DBC

I think its best I wait until you have the Windows stuff tied up and then build on top of that. Meanwhile I have tested much of the background already bar the greediness check. I could just ask for the wallet address and send a random amount of testSNT to each request. As long as folk get enough to thoroughly test PayToUpload when it becomes relevant.

However having a faucet will increase awreness even if only for testSNT.
We should still have a faucet of some sort for real SNT when the time comes but there are many things we can do with that - get punters to do some useful work first, etc etc


What is a faucet?


Sorry -
its from the USAnian for “tap” or “fountain” - a web page used to distribute (shit)coins to punters to get them in circulation - or in our case in the short term , into the hands of testers


I have reproduced a bug with deposit and withdrawals in short if you do 2 deposit from the wallet that got the genesis dbc to a second wallet it bugs out on the 3rd, have you found that in your tests?


No but I have made the genesis wallet pay out to ~100 other wallets without any noticeable problems

Just about to go out for round#2 of Mrs Southsides birthday. Depending on sobriety I may upload the payout script to community GitHub when I get in.

Now off for an evening of revolutionary music and jollification

:notes: :joy: :canned_food: :beer: :tropical_drink: :wine_glass: :scotland: :wales: :russia: :palestine: :cuba: :catalunya: :notes:


Community is killing it! Looks great so far @SmoothOperatorGR


I am trying to enable auto updates but it doesnt seem to work… will keep you updated!


sadly that 404s as well

me too - but for my DBC baby-fleming init scripts and if I enable auto updates it will mean only using actual releases - which may not suit everyone OR requiring everyone to build from source - which WILL not suit everyone.

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I moved the repo so its public from community to my own user account, maybe a old link?

oh no I changed how I name the tag

sry its baby steps for me with github


Dont sweat it
I have probably made every mistake possible on GitHub myself.


:tada: success! it seems like The 3S! repository was private :smiley: I will update all the links and info to be working! :sweat_smile:


safe 0.70 and node 0.75 seem unstable to me, run-baby-fleming stops accepting uploads after around 10gb of sum size of nodes