The 2019 SAFE Network Roadmap / Project Plan

Watch out for changes like this however:


Will we see a ‘crust’ test with this new quic-p2p package? to see how well this package compares to the previous test in the community? you’ve already got all the dashboard code, and harness.


Not as far as I know, the previous “crust” test was a test of the hole punch crate (a different part). We called it crust test as it was at the network level, so probably confusing the message a wee bit.


Thanks for the roadmap! I continue to be excited by this project and am looking forward to Fleming. This project is epic in that it comprises so many truly remarkable features. Thanks again for your hard work!


I totally know where you’re coming from on this. I personally run Linux Mint and when I tried installing and using this on Linux Mint, well — I got it to install. The browser sort of works but mostly not really. I said to myself “Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’ll work when it works”.

As was said, something like The Safe Network is completely unprecedented. The most annoying thing for both developers and users alike, is that the establishment powers who assume they be continue to exponentially ramp up censorship measures, making it very clear that something like The Safe Network has been urgently needed and will continue to be needed.

It needs to be ready before the establishment goes full retard in currently unimaginable ways that might delay or even dead stop projects such as this one. So not only are you on the clock, but there is no road map of this clock either because we are also living in an unprecedented time in HISTORY as well!

On the bright side: at least life isn’t boring, right? :smiley:



Or changes like this …


Quite good progress on GitHub Roadmap today.


I think this is fair enough, as long as it’s up and running by the Texas Bitcoin Conference, then mission accomplished. I mean C++ is a bit of a black box…could be all kind of nasties in there :blush:

This is nicely done, the Project Plan format has been a long time coming…particular like the term ‘Perpetual Web’ being rolled out.


Yeah I think that should make some impact… and that’s just for starters!


I like where this is headed, great work you people.


still don’t know WHEN don’t worry @szh7379, here’s a link to it. Definitely worth knowing, it’s a great tune


Road to release Fleming after 4 weeks:

v0.1.0 100% Done
Secure Message Relay RFC to community
Node Ageing 50% done
BLS section key RFC to community
PARSEC - 100% Done
Dynamic Membership - 100% Done
Reliable Message Delivery RFC to community


Node Ageing 50% done - where from did you get this data?

It’s interesting how this network keeps necessitating building upon itself. For now we can only sit and wait for Fleming (to let everyone interact with that network). And then do that for Maxwell. And then do that for the next level and so on. The new Jenkins build+release automation server should help w/ time.

With a full, visible template for both a roadmap and %ages (not sure where to see those), I feel that investors/speculators need to shift their focus—from a blindly waiting, traditionally major-release stance, to a now-practical approach, of realizing that all of the above road map is this project’s “Marketing.” And thus hopefully gradually invest more into the project, as each major, now-visible component gets a nice big green check mark.


Reliable Message Delivery (N/3) 100% Done ready to release.


Looks like we should have a community version of the Thursday updates and compare notes. :slight_smile:

Not quite. The backend Roadmap as at 1 hour ago says final issue requires review. Perhaps that may be done by the time of the weekly update or maybe not


A wee update here on what the roadmap means for UX: