The 2019 SAFE Network Roadmap / Project Plan

Its great, dont get me wrong, but weve had a roadmap for quite some time, as im sure you are aware.

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I am not sure where you see that?


The nature of the project (needing to be resistant to attackers for any iteration exposed to the public) has denied us the bottom MVP path that would have made us all much happier. But I love that we’re getting close to a happy place anyway.



Actually, you’ll be getting both! The backend may be more like the top, but frontend will be more like the bottom.


I very much like the way this is presented, it’s a great way to break it down.

A bit of confusion spawned from the order of [Backend Roadmap to Beta]… relative to [Task level board]

[Task level board] is well ordered and intuitive
then [Frontend Roadmap to Beta] looks like four elements with different focus, which is fine and simple
but [Backend Roadmap to Beta] seems back to front?.. following the form of [Task level board], I was expected on the left what is next, as [ SAFE Fleming “Routing nodes from home”] then on the right side the future beyond Maxwell [To do (future alpha iterations)]

Also, would retitle as [Frontend Roadmap through Beta] and [Backend Roadmap through Beta], as it seems that Fleming is Beta part 1 and Maxwell is Beta part 2.



Is it quite correct ? :

v0.1.0 Aiming for release during May
Secure Message Relay 20% done ?
Node Ageing 50% done ?
BLS section key ?
PARSEC - Completed
Dynamic Membership - Completed

If yes, than it does not look like too much to do.:sunglasses:


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Hi guys -

The roadmap is well laid out and easy to understand. Thank you for providing this. It certainly helps to put the development updates in perspective, however it did raise one question for me.

In response to a query in February @dirvine seemed (or at least as I read it) to indicate that the team had solved secure message relay and had started coding and implementing this component already.

The way I read the secure message relay component in the roadmap is that it is still in the design or conceptualizing phase and coding has not started yet.

Please can someone please help to clarify or explain the reason for this disconnect. Much appreciated.


So many thanks to everyone who put forth the roadmap. Some serious work obviously went into it. It looks like we are going to need a lot of help if we are going to see this thing through. In my mind, this is no longer a MaidSafe project. I think it is beyond imperative at this point that we do our part to grow this community. I don’t know what I can do to help, but I will do whatever I can. I’m an independent business owner and a marketeer from Southern Arizona. If anybody wants to connect feel free to reach out.


My cat approves your work @maidsafe team! Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally a github project board created, Maidsafe getting a bit more organized in a public manner which is good to see :slight_smile: .

Cheers to knocking out big issues and moving them to the done column. Do that enough enough times and you may just end up with a quality secure and decentralized network on your hands :+1: .


Who wrote this? It was beautifully constructed. It more than felt the pulse of the community. It was a graceful communicatory ride. :clap: Excellent!


Well done. I was going to say and easy to understand but I am confused by something…
The backend roadmap has test safecoin and wallet under Maxwell, yet under task level board for immediate tasks safecoin and wallet is marked as active.

Are Maxwell tasks already in progress?

Great to have this, it is done well enough to show us whats happening without setting unrealistic expectations and disappointment!
Very much appreciated, I was feeling very lost lately.


looks great team!. Thank-you.


great to see this road map… really appreciate it.


Third, you can give a fork ETA without any precise date. Let’s see:

  • Fleming: Between 8 and 15 months
  • Beta: More than 20 months

Just for us to have an idea.


8-15 months seems a bit pesimistic, thought may was the month…

We have per hop secure relay, this is a faster impl of that which validates only at the destination but uses reliable message delivery instead of routes and acks. Therefore faster, no timers and no magic numbers past what PARSEC uses as assumptions. This should cover all edge cases and be faster to impl at the same time. You will see much of what is already done (in terms of we know how it works) going through this process as it gets into production.


Yes, we have a few parallel tracks right now. There are some internal re-org of teams into project teams. This is all during the project of course, but as we now resource the plans and tasks we can get better ideas of what we can do in parallel to get a better idea of overall progress to the milestones. i.e. a live project plan, early days but we will see a lot of things happening concurrently, especially critical path items. We have the dependencies pretty accurate so next step estimates of person hours and then apply the resources we have,


My estimate for Fleming has always been 30 June this year. I think that will be close


Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: