The 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies (Maidsafe is #26?)

Is not understanding the Safenetwork helpful or harmful to its cause and future?

If the industry doesnt get it, who will.

#notablockchain put that in yer pipe and smoke it


And that all without a blockchain

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When the network actually goes live is when attention will come. Up to now there’s a lot of peripheral interest, but the project is not “in the money” from the perspective of tech or finance people. “It’s not blockchain?”

But there is enough awareness that when real public proof is there, the ground will start shaking. “Blockchain” is the current guide-on for “disruption.” I dare say that most can’t even conceive where SAFE will take it.

MaidSafe is only included in this list because it’s the closest fit in the minds of disruptive tech/finance people. When the network is live and proofing, the appropriate list will be “Top 10 Tech innovations”, because it will be less about MaidSafe than about the fact that it’s the pivot of “out of control!!”


I also think that one reason people are not getting it is because the “real” network is still fiction. If MaidSafe manages to pull things off, it will drag attention. Unless that´s the case, there is no real point in arguing. Show them the real deal and they will understand. Until then “MaidSafe” remains a blockchain company (at least some truth in it given that MSC are blockchain based). Btw. CoinDesk isn´t “blockchain based” either.