Thanks Poloniex Support!

New MAIDSafe withdrawal fee is now 2 MAID instead of 10!


Great news - now it’s no longer a dollar to withdraw!

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Awesome, news! I just had to recover my account due to 2F AUTH loss (stupid mistake) and they were very helpful in recovering my account. Many thanks Poloniex Support!

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What was the process they took you through? Many are at the lowest level of ID, which is just name and country unverified, and I’ve often wondered how they restore the account on 2fa loss

They had me state back the three most recent deposits and withdraws with transaction hash, date, transaction amounts to and from my Poloniex account. It tool a little time but was easy enough.

Thanks. I think I might keep a copy of my latest dep/wd transactions :slight_smile: Don’t do them often but I would not be able to recall them or find them easily.