Thanks and an Invitation

I really want to thank the Project SAFE community for all the support I’ve received (moral, technical and even some financial) in putting forth the SAFE Crossroads podcast and blog. It is really a great feeling to do something I’m passionate about and have others in the know appreciate the results.

So far I’ve received moderator support on the forum, technical support on audio matters, custom composed and performed intro/outro and bridge music, BTC/MAID tips, and more, all from Project SAFE members reaching out to me to pitch in. It’s hard to express the exact feeling this generates for me. “Grateful” barely starts.

From what I can tell, those contributing have a similar feeling. That makes it all even cooler.

With gaining the slot on the LTB network, listenership to the podcast (and attention to the SAFE Crossroads site, I assume) have skyrocketed. That’s immensely pleasing, but I don’t wish to stop there. I really want to look at expanding the reach even more and preparing for the onslaught which I think we all know will happen once the network goes live.

So I thought I’d give everyone an idea of what general plans I have and what I could use help with, if anyone has the time and inclination to pitch.

–I could really use some help from anyone who has experience with website design to help me figure out the best way to make the website more useful and appealing as a gateway and interface for the immediate future and also after launch. Not sure how the action will develop, but I really would love to have the ability to have a central clearing house for other SAFE contributors easily portalled there, whether hosted together or separately. For instance, the LIFE IS PEOPLE/N99 group should have a permanent spot linking through, with announcements, links to activities, etc.

I also envision the need for a much more technical/geek corner with, perhaps, an App Builder’s meeting place (linked or hosted) to find, connect and collaborate on projects, etc. This wouldn’t be to replace anything else done by MaidSafe, github, etc., but more a place for a technical podcast, hangouts connection, or a meeting ground for entrepreneurs, help wanted noticeboard, etc.

These are just starting ideas, but you can see where I’m going with it.

This is to say that I definitely could use someone to help organize and make a better site, but also I’m game for anyone to create their own niche “at the Crossroads” to exploit any of the various potential group activities/interests that Project SAFE makes possible–from a community, rather than company or foundation, angle.

–As part of being featured on the LTB network, the SAFE Crossroads Podcast receives a proportion of LTBcoin weekly (or per podcast) depending upon listenership, etc. LTBcoin is not trading for much yet, but it’s darn clever and useful stuff. I’m offering a portion of my awards for contributions to the podcast. For instance, when I use original music contributed by Project SAFE members on a podcast, they will automatically receive a portion of the award (percentages yet to be worked out). It isn’t a huge thing, but it IS something that I can easily share with those who contribute, not as pay but as a token of participation. (I’d love to horde my LTBcoin, actually. I love it. But I’d rather have collaborators working with me and also “feeling the love”.)

I haven’t worked out the exact details on this yet, but it seems a fun way to go, not just for music, but for other contributions. I think even guests should receive some.

–I’ve got some intro/outro and bridge music in the pipeline, but I’m planning to have it rotate amongst whatever appropriate music I receive from the Project SAFE community. Attribution on the audio and in the show notes, in addition to LTBcoin percentage. May even let some of it play out for a good bit after the end of the podcast to highlight it.

–I could use help from anyone who has practical ideas to spread the reach of the SAFE Crossroads podcast and website into other niches beyond the bitcoin community. Social media, iTunes campaign, whatever. I’m a bit stumped on how to proceed on these lines, but I know there have to be other avenues. Consultation and/or participation would be greatly appreciated. I recognize that until after launch, it’s just the more visionary folks who will climb aboard, but there must be a way to reach out and find those, other than just in Bitcoin circles.

–BTC/MAID or other crypto contributions would be appreciated. There are a lot of incidental expenses connected with this endeavor. Though I bear these expenses happily as part of my passion, the contributions that have been received are incredibly meaningful. Links for this are on the website. (If you do contribute this way, an email or PM on the forum would also be very well received, and give me a chance to acknowledge–though anon donos won’t be rejected. :wink: )

–I’m open to any ideas others may have about how to coordinate, promote, add to or modify what I’m doing with this project. Can’t guarantee I’ll act on them myself, but we can at least bounce things around. Maybe you’ll be inspired to do something separately. I’d love to contribute to those sort of actions, too.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE doing this and I have to admit that it feeds the ego a bit. I’m delighted. But I’m most excited by seeing others empowered by what we’re doing together, whether actively or just by inspiration and encouragement. For instance, I’ve been enabled by the Adam B. Levine, John Barrett and others with the LTB network, mostly by their inspiration that launched me on the quest to do the SAFE Crossroads podcast and site. That playing on LTB enables a much bigger reach is gravy. I wish to feed back that contribution to the LTB network because it merits it, and to the SAFE community because . . . well, just because.

Hope this isn’t tl;dr, but it all had to be said.

If I can help in any way with your aspirations for the SAFE Network (or other), let me know; I’ll try to help. If you wish to participate in the Crossroads of Project SAFE endeavor, you’re welcome.


PS. Some of the above will be appropriate to discuss here on the forum, but you can also email me at


Hi @fergish as you know I love your podcast.

Only tip I can give is take a look @ they have been doing podcast for years, so a lot to learn from them. Maybe you also want to start a Youtube channel (exposure). What I really like about Epicenter Bitcoin they are also on the LTB Network, they have sponsors maybe in the future you can have SAFE Network specific sponsors.

It would also be fun if you or @nicklambert had an conversation with the Techguy. In there current episode he ask questions like: Is your information SAFE from hackers with the government? Apple Music, finding a SAFE router and more!

Now when I see SAFE twice in two lines all that I can think is that he is trying to make a connection with someone from SAFE. I might be wrong, but I’m usually right with these things.

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