TestSafeCoin will attract devs

Also, even things like TestSafeCoin can be great, like I’ve said earlier, so people can make apps and get excited about how popular (or not!) their apps are, and see how much $$$$$$$$$$$$ they will be earning after launch. Then they’ll share them with everyone they can, like reddit’s imaginary internet points

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Final comment I promise :slight_smile:

I think it’s a little early honestly to keep going after devs like this. What are we / MaidSafe going for with be devs at this stage?

I even feel bad when telling my dev friends about it, because the conversation always ends up at: “yeah, SAFE isn’t finished, so you can’t earn any money… But you should still develop for it because ____(xyz lame reason)”

More developed versions of SAFE will automatically attract more devs. Example:

  • decentralized vaults, people can run at home, will generate great faith & excitement, == more devs
  • TestSafeCoin. Hey look at my app making (albeit) fake money instantly!! == more devs
  • even just the new app examples are bringing new people to the forums, & that == more devs

So while we are all marketing and going to Meetups and making tutorials and all doing our best (including MaidSafe in this area), the only thing that really matters for bringing any of this to a substantial new level is: getting core parts of SAFE finished & available for people.

End of rant :stuck_out_tongue: thx


I agree, and even spent my time typing out an entire post explaining why, before @happybeing and/or the @moderators completely censored all of it without permission, replacement, or notification to anyone of any kind

I’ve always been against this behavior and think it’s imperative to speak out against, for the good of everyone


Personally, I would rather see distributed vaults working well first. If this can’t happen, I doubt safecoin would appeal anyway.

IMO, the devs have the right priorities currently.


I agree on this a lot, maidsafe wont increase populairity fast if its not all connected and one testnet, but thats just my opinion. To many people just say its vaporware, but if your running no one can say that anymore.

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