Testnets for novices?

At some point will there be a test net that novices can participate in? Perhaps with a vid walk through somewhere?


There sure will. No video yet but with help from the forum I think you stand a good chance of downloading files from testnets while they are running (none right now though).

If you can do that you should also be able to upload.

Depending on your set-up you might also be able to run a node with help but that’s not necessary in order to participate.


The tooling has gotten much better. You still need to know some CLI, but the install process has been scripted and githubified

It is definitely far easier than it has been, and this community is literally frothing at the bit to help, so next time there is one, I recommend getting into er and asking for help if there is trouble.

Once the testnets are looking good (still a bit down the road), then it will eventually be point and click. The team has proven they can do that with alacrity.