testnet2 status?


Any update on testnet2? This was supposed to be out, right? Were there some last minute bugs?

Any chance of a full launch before the year is up?



We had some issues with rudp1, but the testnet is running on various places right now, but we have not put up the visualiser. Its a mix of Qa automation happening (so backlog of pull requests) and sprint planning this week and the latter part of last week. So a couple of rudp bits we are not happy with Qi is running some more tests tomorrow. We have the API with drive mounting etc. though so that’s more than we thought.

It’s all just nuisance stuff, but the number of planning and implementation design meetings has been incredible so we all feel good about it right now. The next two sprints will be enabling the app dev API parts that will allow developers to engage at full speed. Its been an observation exercise for everyone out there and this should reverse that wile we beaver away in the core behind that API. You can see all this detail in jira if you have an account there.


Great stuff @dirvine and team. And when you’re done I’m going to need help getting this T-shirt off. Hazard suits advisable. :-\




I hope to acheive something like this once this thing arrives:’


Keep an eye out for a Google hangout with Troon team for an overview and Q+A on testnet2!!!


Do you have a time, date and link to the event?


I have no inside info but have been guessing tomorrow will be a big day for a few days now. Hope so, very excited to see tn2 :slight_smile:


Testnet 2 seems to be up: http://visualiser.maidsafe.net:8080/viewer#?sn=Testnet2

Hope to see public installers and applications like what you mentioned in a previous post.


Good catch @hamiltino, we can call that Testnet2 hatching. We’re treating it with kid gloves, but it has been standing stable for 51 hours now. The seed vaults have been removed early on, so this is a first tiny-scaled version of what will be Testnet2! The installers will be great because then all of you can help us grow Testnet2 and beyond !

You’ll be getting some more detailed updates from us soon!


By the way, @happybeing, I think that also means you can wash your T-shirt tonight and start the new week fresh :wink:


@BenMS, this is great news indeed. We’re on the edge of our seats!

Have to comment on your use of the phrase “kitten gloves”. Had to laugh. “Kid gloves” are made of the skin of baby goats (kids), i.e., fine leather gloves for fine sensitive work (1800-early 1900s).

“Kitten gloves” are something else entirely! LOL Disturbing image, but funny.


Cheers, I occasionally mis an idiom here or there :wink: thanks for correcting


As soon as I get this damn T off I’m getting some kitten gloves made, and @BenMS I’ll make sure the internet knows where I got the idea :wink:


@BenMS are the linux installers docker images or something else? And is there anything I can do to be getting ready - such as building “next” in the existing docker image or…


These will be actual installers and in debian/ubuntu it will be a PPA we control. So when that is added you will have the package installed and updated as with any other package so no need for any compiling any more. It is an extension of the Dev packages I did a few weeks back.


Is there going to be a procedure for running the installers on virtual systems?


Yes it should be a very simple process, or what least that is the aim. We need to make installers a part of the process and not depend on me doing it at night. Testnet2 will make this happen.


Ok testnet 2 is up so 2 questions: Remind me again what all is included and how do I use it? I want to try this bad boy out! Gimme gimme gimme! Where’s the installer!? I want my maidsafe! (Yes I know I’m being immature. I’m excited and enthused damnit! I want my encrypted anonymous internet. :smile:) Can’t wait for testnet 3 and the proper beta and launch.


The ants moved :smile: