TestNet: Status

Here’s an idea:

Can we get a URL to indicate if the testnet is up and running, or down for a restart/development shenanigans?

It could be useful to tell if a problem is a problem, or just the net being down (and therefore whether it’s worth reporting). It could help alleviate some non-issue submissions to Jira.

I’d propose: maidsafe.net/status or something similar.

Should this be an RFC? (And if so… the procedure is a PR from: https://github.com/maidsafe/rfcs/tree/master/proposed ?)

Motivation: I cannt register on the network (it just keeps spinning). I’m reluctant to make an issue incase SAFETEST is just down.


Good idea, I don’t think it’s down at the moment however since I just logged in and also logged in like 30 minutes ago.

There is no indication that the Network is, nor will ever be, down without notice in these forums. The devs have committed to announce planned outages and Digital Ocean is quite good at what they do.

If you have tried restarting your Launcher several times as well as experienced this multiple times, feel free to fill out a service ticket to report the incident. I would rather see service tickets filed and the incidents recorded (even if it’s a non-incident) in which case maidsafe can respond appropriately. At least that way we’ll have the time of submission and can check to see in the rarest case that there was some interruption of service with digital ocean at that time - and bring up the manner with them with the appropriate supporting documentation.

Once again, I doubt it’s the Network as it is much less buggy than are the binaries.

P.S. I do think it’s a good idea, but it would take a lot of work - especially on QA’s part. See the following:


That doesn’t mean that it won’t happen…

Heh, also that’s kind of the point of what I mean. It would be nice to have an indication if something happens accidentally. Again, to prevent false reports and for peace of mind.

Also: It was noted that there might be many frequent restarts in the early days. I didn’t read that as they were going to notify us for every time they did that. I may have read that wrong, though. Either way, I still think this’d be a helpful tool for when they are planning downtime, also.

As for my problem: Yeh, I’ve tried A LOT. I haven’t been able to get on since Friday night. I saw a lot of others were having problems yesterday so I thought I’d wait. If it’s up for sure then off to Jira I go!


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I believe that they mentioned they would restart it every 2 weeks (I think @Ross said fortnight?) which, if you consider that they’ve been working on it for 10 years(!) is fairly frequent.

But logistics-wise I couldn’t imagine a conversation among QA and the devs to result in the determination to not inform the forum, considering how well they’ve treated us in the past.

100% on that one. THis is a very fast pushed out glimpse of where we are, that old testnet page needs taken down really as we cannot update it yet with the new code. The focus now will be upgrading what we just supplied as there are a few annoyances in that code. Then internal works on crust continue as well as safecoin and an rfc we must do for routing hop security.

In terms of us taking the network down for sure we will announce it in the forums and let everyone know. As this all happens we will update all support channels to ensure we give as nive easy a ride to all users we can. This is not meant for the average user yet (no installers for example)

Expect to see big improvements fast though as the front end team have never had a network proper to code against, till now. So lets see how fast it goes, I expect it will go much faster in the front end, although we shoved all the resources there into the systems side for a while. I wish our team was bigger but it’s not. They work hard though so looks bigger. I am sure we will attract more interest and people now, of course we should all be ready for the inevitable trolls as well as we reach this point :wink:


Bring 'em on. I got your back @dirvine