Testnet question + P2PB2B question

Hey everybody!

I have been holding maid for a while now and have some simple questions.

First, I want to run and try out the next testnet. Can someone link me to this with an explaination on setup. I’m pretty good with tech stuff and following instructions. I’d prefer to try it on my Windows computer but could run on Linux if needed.

Also, what time does this P2PB2B trading start?! I’ve been waiting on a new exchange to come online!

Later today. P2PB2B will announce it.

I suspect the testnet will be released with instructions in the next 24 hours or so.


@Sotros25 beat me to it :wink:


Probably won’t be too far away from these instructions for setting up and a local network on one device with the CLI. The CLI commands for uploading and downloading data, creating keys and sending coins will be pretty much the same.