Testnet 1 timeline / dates


Is there any (rough) timeline for when Testnet 1 will be starting up? I’m dying to see this thing in action,

I’ve checked out the roadmap (https://github.com/maidsafe/MaidSafe/wiki/Roadmap#milestone-1) and it seems we have quite a bit to go to bring this project production ready. Are there any timelines or at least target dates we can look forward to?

Regardless I cant wait to start beta testing.


Hi Wes @prakash updated the dev list last night with :

This is the link to the current plan and roadmap ahead.

We will also update a page soon with break up of work for involving community devs.

As there have been some debates over nodes colluding in the network.
We had a whiteboard session couple of week back on discussing solution to this issue. These changes will alter the roadmap little bit.


So you are looking in the right places, as soon a timeline is ironed out - it will be posted on here for sure.


Any updates on this front?


Yea we need to update this now and start striking off the done parts. We need to get this more organised. I am sure as example0 and tesnet1 go out it will start to roll out much more smoothly. Especially now we are getting some coding done at long last. Nick is taking a load of media stuff from me so I can get involved again. This roll out is our most important issue right now and needs a ton of attentions.

I will have a quick chat tomorrow and task somebody with keeping the roadmap and progress updated at least every week if not more frequently than that. Keep shouting is you guys feel in the dark at all, its important for us to keep everyone informed and we can do that without affecting dev to much. We owe you :slight_smile:


Seems like the roadmap still hasn’t been updated… do you want to name who you tasked? We can all poke them with a stick or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, my bad this time. @Ross Can you please update the roadmap when we update the weekly report as well. Either that or link the two somehow.


OK - I will chat to @prakash and see the best way to manage / integrate both.