Testing Peruse 0.7 browser

Hi everyone!
I am new to this project.
Just downloaded Peruse, earned Basic badge and now trying to surf some site from this topic: Alpha 2 Community Websites, Apps & SAFE Messaging IDs.
And all i get is “Requested public name is not found”. I tried several safe:// urls but for no result.
Any help?

p.s. Account Status:14/1000

Not all of those seem to actually be up,have you tried safe://safewallet.wow, that one seems to work right now.

That list was wiped when the network was reset, this is the list of things on the new / current alpha 2 network:

List of Websites/Safesites & WebIDs (Community Resources)


Hi there,
just tried safe://safewallet.wow (as well as safe://hello) - negative…
nothing works for me - i guess the network is down or i’m doing smth wrong…

Thanks, but these links did not work either.
the only suspicious thing to me is that i skipped the IP address set step - just claimed token and that’s all. Could this be a reason? but that Peruse browser didn’t say anything was wrong or whatsoever.

Did you get the right version of Peruse?

There’s one for the live Alpha 2 network (which is what you need) and one for a mock network for developers to test their own apps. The mock one says running on a mock network across the top of the browser.

If this is the issue then you’ll need to go through the account set up process again, but your original invite token should be still valid.

Well, this may be the case. It seems that i downloaded Peruse-v0.7.0-linux-x64-dev from https://github.com/maidsafe/safe_browser/releases/tag/peruse-browser-0.7.0 (don’t remember exactly why -dev version, maybe it looked more “complete” to me)

So i need to download Peruse-v0.7.0-linux-x64 instead? I’ll try…

Yeah, that sounds like the problem.

You should be able to re-use your invite token (from getting basic badge,) however you will need to do your account details such as name and password all over again - the details you put into the dev version (including invite token) will not have been committed to the Alpha 2 network at all.

Good Luck!

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Thank you for support, man!

Just one question: should i register my IP during account creation? it warns me that the network will be inaccessible otherwise, but i DO know that my IP change often and will soon - will my account work on a next session with different IP?

UPDATE: i was forced to register IP :slight_smile:

Finally I was able to load safe:// page ) great!


You must register your IP and update it if it changes.

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The IP thing is a necessary spam prevention measure for now, but will not be required in the eventual release version. Happy exploring!