Test nets 2 completion

Hi ,
just looking at the latest roadmap. There is no information regarding the completion of test net 2, has this been
completed and is test net 3 underway.
appreciate any comments , Regards Switch01.

Last week a new roadmap was published:

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Yes I read the new road map ,it is still not clear to mw that test net 2 is completed.
Regards , thanks for your pervious reply.

They got rid of the testnets and decided to release the network in new dev bundles (bundle 1, 2, 3). The coming sprint will release dev bundle 1 and a sprint exists out of 1/1.5 week planning and 2/3 weeks the sprint itself.

I understand it’s difficult to understand the latest developments when you’re not on top of all information coming through the last months so hope this helps.

Thanks for your help, that makes sense to me now.

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