Test Net 3 "Progress mesh networking stack inclusion"

Does this mean SAFE will be wireless mesh compatible at launch?

No, this will almost be a project in its own right. I believe we do want to build project SAFE as such that it is easily compatible with mesh networking protocols from the start, but such protocols will come from partnering with existing (or new) projects.


Equally important, there will not be one-mesh-network-fits-all; at least that is my opinion. Where project SAFE can contribute is exactly in allowing a diversity of mesh networking protocols to interconnect with each other and the traditional IP networks.



So why don’t we get devs from all these other projects in on this discussion. Seems we’d need to build some bridges here.

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Exactly because another judge who strongly who by their actions appears to be sponsored-bribed-on the take- loving the graft could easily say: everybody knows SAFE is just a vehicle for Pop Corn Time and take down the links ISPs lest this SAFE stuff be allowed to spread.

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Warren has a point, which I believe I’ve been trying to stress. SAFE NEEDS mesh built in. I don’t think there’s enough emphasis on why mesh capability is essential to security. It’s not just something support for third parties. It’s not an addon or something to wait for. It’s an essential security component as nessessary as deduplification or self encryption. Being able to bypass and reroute around ISPs is essential for security these days as ISPs are routinely censoring the internet. How can people download SAFE to use it if they can’t access it from a website on the main internet? What good is decentralization if the system is dependent on an internet connection from a centralized ISP?

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MaidSAFE is a meshnet in and of itself to a certain degree…

ISP’s won’t be able to sensor SAFE…

It is either all on or all off – But it is unlikely that any ISP is going to select the “all off” option. That will fall solely on the hands of tyrannical governments. I don’t think meshnets will be very immune to tyrannical governments… If you are transmitting a signal, they can track you down.

No but they can throttle it to death.

Maidsafe relies on bandwidth to sustain itself. ISPs control how much bandwidth the end user gets. If we route SAFE through ISPs then the ISP can starve the SAFE network using internet throttling and bandwidth and download caps.

There is the route of lifi house to house and car to car. Makes signal harder to track and routes cheaply. Its necessary to undermine the economics, surveilance and censorship of the toll system. Routing around in a practical manner with SAFE is pulling the plug, cutting the cord. Let us do it on the gpl3 equivalent of cheap secure hardware. That lifi substrate can act a bit like the fiber layer of the current net and augment wireless mesh nodes in watches, purses, free (as in freedom) phones. It can suffice through periods where corrupt governments try to block any personal mesh radio spectrum use claiming it undermines the economics of their malfeasance.

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